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WWE NXT results: Finn Balor battles Neville in a classic; Austin Aries debuts

Balor vs. Neville

The Big News: Finn Balor and Neville had a legit **** match.

The Medium News: Austin Aries debuted and immediately got destroyed by Baron Corbin

The Little Beaver Sized News: The Revival will defend the NXT Tag Team Titles against Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady at WWE Roadblock on March 12.

The Vaudevillains defeated Hugo Knox and Tucker Knight

The Vaudevillains are evil again, but they still have their happy music which makes things bass ackwards. Hugo Knox and Tucker Knight got no entrance. Knight looks like Bull Dempsey if he wore short trunks and was in slightly better shape.

Aiden and Simon tagged in and out a lot. At one point, Corey Graves commented that they use all five seconds of the five count to inflict as much punishment as possible. Problem with that is in that particular sequence, Gotch punched Knox in the face and was out of the ring at the count of three. Knight got the hot tag and looked pretty good for 30 seconds until he did the job to the Whirling Dervish.

- Dana Brooke and Emma cut a promo about Deonna Purrazzo, of all people. Nothing much was said.

- Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady cut a promo about Dash & Dawson attacking them last week, and vowed to win the belts. Dash & Dawson claimed Enzo & Cass attacked them from behind, injuring them.

It was then announced that Dash & Dawson will defend the titles against Enzo & Big Cass at WWE Roadblock on March 12 in Toronto, Canada. For the first time on TV, they referred to the champs as The Revival.

Emma submitted Santana Garrett

Santana Garrett is back, going one on one with Emma. Emma looked really good in this match, while Santana....I bet Santana is a really nice person! However, she sells like someone who has never been in pain in her life. Honestly, the best selling she did was when Emma collided with her on a dropkick. Things picked up when Santana was on offense. A couple fans chanted for Santana, but she was forced to tap to the Emma Lock.

- Mr. Regal had Eva Marie and Nia Jax in his office. He informed them that since they are big stars, their next tag team match would be with Bayley and Asuka. They didn't seem so happy about that.

- Back from commercial, Mr. Regal transported into the middle of the ring where he introduced the newest Superstar signing: former TNA and ROH World Champion Austin Aries!

The fans went nuts while the announcers marked out. Aries basked in the spotlight and the fandom until he was attacked...by Baron Corbin. Corbin displayed Alex Riley-level rage as he laid Aries out with End of Days on the floor. Mr. Regal looked quite besmirched while Corbin held up Aries shirt and then threw it at the GM.

Elias Sampson pinned Steve Cutler

Cutler is now being built as a former Marine. I mean, I am sure he always was a former Marine, but this is the first time they ever mentioned it. This was actually Sampson's best match as he was aggressive and looked good here. The fans could tell as more than no one cared. Sampson won with a knee to the jaw and a spinning neckbreaker.

- The Bro Mans are happy they lost to the Vaudevillians because now they are serious. They want a rematch with Aiden and Simon. After they left the interview stage, The Vaudevillians appeared behind them and silently laughed.

- Next week is Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match.

Finn Balor vs. Neville

NXT Champion Finn Balor pinned Neville

Neville was NXT Champion for 287 days, winning it at NXT Arrival and losing it at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution (still the worst name ever). Balor has been champion since The Beast In The East on July 4, so he is now at 242 days. If he makes it to TakeOver in Dallas, it will be at 273 days. Tom and Corey brought up the Bullet Club and the rumors that they are coming to NXT since they are Balor's friends.

This was a great match. It built slow, but the match changed completely when Balor backdropped Neville over the top rope, and Neville slammed his head on the ring steps. I am shocked he was not more injured than he was. This is when it became the Best Of for both men. Neville hit his Asai Moonsault to the floor, while Finn hit his Pele. It's kind of funny to see multiple people now using the Pele in WWE.

Neville went for the Red Arrow, but Finn sprung to his feet and kicked him in the side of the head! Neville fell to the floor and Finn hit a flip dive to the outside. Neville stopped Finn from coming off with a Coup De Grace. Neville then hit a Standing Hurricarana from the top rope, but couldn't hit the Red Arrow! Balor hit the Slingblade, but Neville avoided the running dropkick once, but got hit with it the second time. One Bloody Sunday DDT later and Balor is your winner!

This was a magnificent way to end the NXT era at CFE.

- The show ended with Rich Brennan interviewing Sami Zayn and “Samoa Joan” about their match last week. Joe said Zayn should be grateful since Joe saved his career at Takeover. Zayn said people like him made NXT and allowed Joe to cakewalk into NXT. Zayn said the cakewalk ends here.

That does it for this week. Who will be the new #1 Contender to the NXT Championship? We'll find out next week. Until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!