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WWE NXT results: Great matches made for the future, okay matches happen in the present


It's a show where the future sounded so much better than the present. Bayley and Carmella team up to battle Eva Marie and Nia Jax. Plus, what will Mr. William Regal have to say about the controversial finish to the #1 contender's match last week?

  • The Big News: Samoa Joe will wrestle Sami Zayn in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match in 2 weeks.
  • The Medium News: Finn Balor will wrestle Neville next week
  • The Little Beaver Sized News: A brand new star will also debut next week.
  • The News Even Smaller Than Little Beaver: On the show that actually aired this week, Eva Marie won the tag team main event, pinning Carmella.

American Alpha defeated Blake & Murphy

38 days away from NXT Takeover and we kick things off with American Alpha. We are still at the CFE Arena in the University of Central Florida, for the third week here. The fans still liked Jordan & Gable, but this was already the second time they saw them, so it wasn't as much love as before. Plus this was minutes after the Samoa Joe-Sami Zayn match that aired last week, so the fans were kind of tired.

Gable was single handedly destroying both Blake and Murphy. Jordan tagged in long enough for a double dropkick, but other than that the first half of the match was just Gable schooling both men. We went to commercial and came back with Jordan in control. It took almost 7 minutes, but the heels finally cut off Gable for the heat after using double team shenanigans.

Blake and Murphy continue to work good together. Jordan got the hot tag and hit several suplexes on both men. The good guys picked up the win with Grand Amplitude.

- After the double pin finish from last week, Mr. William Regal announced a 2 out of 3 Falls match with Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn in 2 weeks. He also announced that a brand new talent would debut next week.

- Sawyer Fulton sang while “highlights” of his matches aired. He can still be boring even in highlight form.

Apollo Crews pinned Christopher Girard

Apollo Crews is back. He has become so directionless since losing at Takeover: London. That loss was such a big deal. Girard looked good in his NXT debut, but the announcers were pointing out his size (or lack thereof) as they said he wasn't much bigger than Gillberg.

This was not just a squash match, as Girard got a full entrance and had a competitive match with Crews before going down in defeat. Crews hit his toss Powerbomb to pick up the win.

- Bayley and Carmella were backstage with Alex, who called them “Baymella”, which was gag worthy. Bayley put over her partner and Carmella said one day she is coming back for the championship. Bayley was happy Asuka helped out, but it's obvious she's coming after the championship.

- Earlier this week, Enzo Amore arrived at the WWE Performance Center when he was attacked by Dash & Dawson. It was shot purely with security cameras, so it looked grainy and definitely not HD, but it looked more real.

Tommaso Ciampa submitted Bull Dempsey in a Loser Goes To WrestleCon Match

Actually the winner may be there too, I haven't checked the list lately.

Bull needed the referee's help to get his shirt off because it was so tight. Ciampa was not amused. Dempsey was content to do jumping jacks, as opposed to sports entertaining, so Ciampa made him pay for it. At one point it looked like Dempsey hit the Bossman Slam, but Bull was the one selling, so they sold it like Bull's shoulder was hurt. It reminds me of Spike Dudley's Acid Drop where you didn't know if he hit the move half the time until someone sold it.

Ciampa won with a rolling armbar. At least Bull lost. You might recall Kassius Ohno started getting a pretty good push after he was released.

- Samoa Joe cut a promo saying he made NXT hot just by being here. It's a shame for Sami Zayn to get beaten on for 2 falls instead of 1. Alex then asked Sami Zayn about it. Zayn said he's been in plenty of 2 out of 3 Falls matches and he's ready to do what he's gotta do to become a 2-time NXT Champion.

Nia Jax & Eva Marie defeated NXT Women's Champion Bayley & Carmella

Main event time! These four ladies have been in each others way going back to November when Bayley wrestled Eva Marie for the first time ever. This continued through Takeover, into the battle royal last month and Carmella's title match 2 weeks ago.

For everyone that has such high hopes that WWE's Diva Division is going to get a total makeover, just remember that Eva Marie is still pegged as the next breakout Diva.

The faces schooled Eva, who screamed for Nia's help. I want to point out, in the interest of fairness, that Eva has improved ever so slightly. She used to show absolutely no expression during the match and at least now she yells in pain while selling. That's a step up..

Nia stayed in the match as much as possible, tagging Eva in for very specific spots and moments, things she couldn't mess up. Bayley got the hot tag, which woke the crow up and did her entire comeback on Eva.

Bayley had the match won with the Belly to Bayley, but Nia dragged Bayley off and headbutted her. Carmella tagged in and it became the Nia Jax Show. Nia attacked Carmella, gave a body attack to Bayley and dragged Eva over to her corner for the tag. Nia hit three legdrops on Carmella before Eva tagged herself in and got the pin!

- The show ended with Rich Brennan interviewing William Regal and Finn Balor. Mr. Regal told Finn that he is closing in on the record for longest reigning NXT Champion. mr. regal finished the show by telling Finn that next week he will face the longest reigning NXT Champion ever....Neville! That should be one amazing match and we have two straight weeks of amazing matches coming up.

But until next time, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!