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WWE NXT results: Samoa Joe vs. Tomasso Ciampa, James Storm, Blue Pants returns


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Baron Corbin pinned Tye Dillinger

Corbin is kicking things off this week. I haven't mentioned this in a while, but he really does have one of the best entrances in NXT. In two weeks at NXT TakeOver, Corbin will go one on one with Apollo Crews. Meanwhile, Dillinger is the man Corbin was supposed to wrestle two weeks ago, but it never got started.

Tye is now a babyface, so Corey Graves gets obnoxious talking about how he used to like Dillinger. Corbin laid out Tye with an impressive spinning slam in the first 10 seconds of the match. Baron did a wacky move where he set up Tye for a t-bone suplex, but instead flipped him around, so he landed on his back. Tye made a brief comeback, complete with a Thesz Press, but he went down to End of Days.

- Next week it will be Crews & Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe & Corbin, but before we get there, Crews cuts a promo saying they will take out Joe and Corbin and then one day, Crews and Balor will figure out who is the best.

- Tomasso Ciampa cut a promo with “Alex”, a new backstage announcer, about how he has known Samoa Joe for years, but now something has changed. Joe is dangerous, but Ciampa has nothing to lose. He admits no one thinks he will win, but Ciampa does believe. "Tonight, when Tomasso Ciampa pins Samoa Joe, everything changes."

Nia Jax flattened Blue Pants

Look who's back! They remixed her theme, which now sounds worse than it used to be. Nia destroyed Blue Pants, tossing her around the ring several times, finally hitting a tilt a whirl shoulderbreaker, which would have been a cool finisher. I feel like I say that about every move Nia uses other than her actual finisher? Anyway, a Samoan Drop and a Legdrop later, Nia is still undefeated.

- Earlier this week, Tom Phillips interviewed NXT Tag Team Champions Dash & Dawson. Dawson appreciated the congratulations on winning last week, but they are moving past that. They said they have no respect for Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady because they have done nothing to earn the champs respect. It was announced that Dash & Dawson will defend the belts at TakeOver against Enzo & Cass, which angers Dash since the challengers didn't have to beat anyone to get a title shot. Dash said that it will be a long flight back for Colin when they injure his other knee.

James Storm NXT

James Storm pinned Adam Rose

Rose is back at the NXT Arena and the fans got excited until Rose had his theme song cut off. The fans mocked his new party pooper gimmick by singing his old theme. Storm still got a healthy sized reaction this week, but still not as big as his first match. It is hilarious that the announcers keep bringing up that time Storm was with WCW as a member of R&B Security. Rose was here to get beaten this week and he did a great job of losing. Storm laid him out with the Last Call for the win.

I'm not sure if Storm is still alive in the TNA Championship Series, but we'll see if he is on Impact tonight.

- Alex interviewed The Vaudevillians about their match tonight with Jason Jordan & Chad Gable. Simon and Aiden vowed to win tonight and eventually get their belts back. Chad Gable & Jason Jordan walked in, stated they are going to win and one day become champions. Gable said it is harder to leave Full Sail.

- A Sami Zayn comeback video aired, showing Zayn beating Adrian Neville in that amazing match last year at TakeOver R Evolution (still the worst name ever).

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable defeated The Vaudevillians

The fans liked The Vaudevillians, but they LOVED Jordan & Gable. The crowd favorites beat on Gotch for a bit and then beat on English when Gotch tagged out. Remember that horrible gimmick where English sang to the ring?

Neither team even played subtle heel here. Both teams got their chances to shine and it was a fun bout. At one point English back dropped Gable over the top rope and he crashed on the pretty black mats outside. Jordan & Gable picked up the win on the former champs with the assisted belly to back suplex. Graves said this was the second straight former NXT Tag Team Champions they have defeated and what's next? Maybe Blake & Murphy?

Anyway Jordan & Gable extended their hands to their foes, but English & Gotch walked out on them.

- Alex, in his third appearance tonight without ever mentioning his name, interviewed Dana Brooke and Emma about Asuka. Brooke said she would have slapped the heck out of Asuka. Emma stated that last week was a warning, and she is going to kick Asuka's butt when she sees her. Dana patted Alex on the head and walked out.

- The Lonely Drifter played guitar.

Emma tapped out Liv Morgan

Emma is here. Lots of wrestling this week. Her opponent is Liv Morgan? Liv is from New Jersey, so Graves got to use his “New Jersey sucks” material and I hate him so much that I can't even be bothered to use my “New Jersey sucks” material. Emma brought back the Tarantula, which she hasn't used in a while, hit the Emma Sandwich and eventually tapped out Liv with the Emma Lock after a version of the Curb Stomp.

Asuka was shown beating on a heavy bag and told Emma she would see her in London. Emma tried to put on a brave face while the fans chanted “Asuka's gonna kill you”.

- Alex got a last name (Reyes) and got to interview Women's Champion Bayley. Bayley said Nia Jax made her intentions clear last week. Bayley had to scratch and claw her way to the top and while she has never faced someone so large, she is willing to accept the challenge head on. Nia walked up, smiled and walked away. Bayley reiterated she will accept any challenge, so Nia grabbed her and threw her through a door.

Samoa Joe defeated Tomasso Ciampa

The announcers stated that Joe introduced Ciampa to his wife, but that friendship isn't enough to stop Joe from killing him now. Joe beat on Ciampa for most of this match and shrugged off Ciampa's offense early.

Joe and Ciampa exchanged a series of hard open handed slaps to the face, which Joe got the best of. Ciampa got in some offense and slapped on a standing guillotine and then an armbar. Joe carried Ciampa to the corner and kicked the poor guy in the corner. Joe hit his snap power slam and picked up the win with the Muscle Buster and Coquina Clutch.

That does it for this week. They went a full hour this week (actually a minute past the top of the hour). Next week, it's already the go-home show for Takeover. What will happen when the four men in the double main event square off? Until next week, say your vitamins and take your prayers!