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WWE NXT TV Report 3-18-15: Kevin Owens vs. Alex Riley, Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss

Kevin Owens vs. Alex Riley

By Emerson Witner, WrestlingObserver.com and Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

Tyler Breeze pinned Kalisto

We start things off in the ring as Kalisto goes one on one with Prince Pretty. Before going too much on with the match, I should not the production. The arena looked a lot like the NXT Arena, however when they showed the hard camera it barely looked like there were 100 people there, but when they would show a shot of the entire arena you could tell there were about 500-1,000 people.

The fans got into Kalisto, chanting “Lu-cha” and eventually we got the “Breeze is gorgeous” chant. Kalisto went for a Springboard Something, but Breeze hit a beautiful dropkick for a near fall. Kalisto made his comeback, going all Lucha. He hit the hurricarana where Breeze had knelt on the ground, but Breeze kicked out.

Kalisto went for the back handspring kick but Tyler hit the Super Model Kick for a near fall. Not getting the win that time frustrated Breeze. Kalisto hit a 450 Splash and Breeze got his hand on the ropes. Kalisto went for the Salida Del Sol, but Breeze pushed him off and won with a Beauty Shot.

- A video package detailing the Kevin Owens-Alex Riley rivalry aired, which included the build to the Finn Balor match. We should be reminded that next week is the Owens-Balor match.

- Alexa Bliss is excited to be sports entertaining tonight in her hometown.

- A video package on NXT taking over the Arnold Sports Classic. They also visited a local children's hospital and showed Triple H going into the International Sports Hall of Fame. Original UFC announcer Don “The Dragon” Wilson and former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield were shown looking on. Hey, isn't he a little too old to be a professional boxer?

- Alex Riley was drinking water backstage when Finn Balor walked up and said he will be watching tonight. Riley said he plans to humiliate the champion.

- Another video, this time of the NXT house show in Cleveland. I can't help but think they didn't tape enough stuff for this episode.

Wesley Blake (w/Buddy Murphy) pinned Colin Cassidy (w/Enzo Amore & Carmella)

One of the Naturals jumped over the other one on the way to the ring. The Long Islanders were still super over here in Columbus. Sadly Carmella was still with them, but thankfully the fans still played sing along with Enzo. And yes, these fans also hated Carmella, so I love them already.

Wesley Blake is apparently the blonde haired Natural and his early offense consisted of chops to the bicep of Colin. The fans chanted for Blue Pants. Somewhere in San Antonio, Ed Laredo is smiling. Blake chop blocked Colin to get the heat. Cassidy made his comeback when Murphy jumped on the apron. Colin gave Murphy the boot, which gave Blake the chance to roll up Colin for the win.

- Dana Brooke, one of the women you never see on the show, performed during the Arnold Classic body building contest.

Alexa Bliss defeated Woman's Champion Sasha Banks by countout

Turns out this is not a title match. If you are going to beat the hometown girl you might as well make it a title match. Sasha had broken Alexa's nose previously and the story of this match was that Sasha was trying to break it again.

The fans were no more into the hometown girl than they were into any other baby face and actually got less of a response than Sasha. Alexa hit a Thesz Press on the outside, but Sasha pulled her nose-first into the ring apron. Alexa pushed Sasha nose-first into the ring post and got in the ring for a countout win.

The fans, just seeing one of their own win a big match, booed.

- Kevin Owens said he is going to make Alex Riley regret he ever gave up his nice, cushy, announcing job. Owens also pointed out that next week he puts an end to Balor.

- Alexa was happy about winning the match. Sasha walked in and pointed out it was a countout. William Regal walked in and announced a title match for next week. I wonder if Orlando will treat Alexa any better.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens defeated Alex Riley

There was not much to this match. The fans chanted “Kill Owens Kill”, “Owens' gonna kill you” and “Mr. Wrestling”. Yeah these fans didn't care about A-Ry much at all. Owens got the heat with a kick to the hamstring and his rolling corner splash. A few minutes later Owens missed a second corner splash and Riley hit a spine buster for a 2 count.

Owens hit three back splashes in the ring and then beat up Riley outside the ring. Back in the ring, Owens won with a Pop Up Power Bomb.

After the match, Owens went to give Riley the Power Bomb into the ring apron when Finn Balor walked out and stopped Kevin, building to their title match next week. Owens was going to do it anyway, so Balor dove off the stage and attacked Kevin. They fought into the ring where Balor hit his corner dropkick before Owens bailed.

That does it for this week. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers.