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WWE Raw ratings down a bit, big first-to-third hour drop

With competition from both Monday Night Football and Dancing With The Stars, Raw dropped to 2.82 million viewers last night, a drop of three percent from last week.

The drop itself wasn't a surprise, but the ratings pattern was.

The first hour did a stronger than expected number, which is likely at least partially due to curiosity regarding how the company would handle the death of Bobby Heenan. Both the second and third hours had far larger than usual drops and the third hour was the lowest rated hour since the end of the NBA playoffs.

Raw still remained in second place on cable, trailing Monday Night Football, which did a strong 12.29 million viewers for the Detroit Lions vs. New York Giants game. Dancing With the Stars, which featured Nikki Bella, and was never mentioned on Raw for obvious reasons, did 10.71 million viewers.

The first-to-third hour drops were the biggest among women, notably teenage girls which dropped from hour one to three by nearly 40 percent.

The third hour drop is also likely given the show went 11 minutes past the hour and the main event was a six-pack challenge with Jason Jordan, The Hardys, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, and Elias, for a shot at The Miz's IC title at No Mercy, which is not a strong finisher.

The three hours were:

  • 8 p.m. 3.12 million viewers
  • 9 p.m. 2.84 million viewers
  • 10 p.m. 2.53 million viewers

Here's a chart from Paul Fontaine that looks at Raw ratings in 2017 and how they compare to last year: