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WWE Raw ratings down following post-Rumble episode

Following last week's post-Royal Rumble edition of Raw, this Monday's episode had a ratings drop of seven percent, falling to an average of 2.51 million viewers.

In what was a low night overall for cable television viewership, Raw actually finished third in terms of total viewers and topped the 18-49 demo with an average rating of 1.07.

With no major sports or network competition last night, it would've been expected that the show would've done a little better. The average viewership last year at this time hovered around three million.

Year-over-year, Raw had a drop of nearly 18 percent, which is very close to the recent trend.

There was no major ratings drop in hours two or three, so having Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey appear near the beginning of the show didn't lead to either a big first hour or a viewership decline after their appearances.

The hourly viewership was:

  • Hour one -- 2.656 million viewers
  • Hour two -- 2.552 million viewers
  • Hour three -- 2.321 million viewers

Here's a look at the last 10 weeks of Raw viewership and the year-over-year declines for each week: