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WWE Raw ratings up for Roman Reigns appearance

Image: WWE

Raw last night, built around Roman Reigns wrestling on the show for the first time in two years, in two different matches including Reigns vs. Big E vs. Bobby Lashley in a non-title triple threat, averaged 1.79 million viewers and drew a 0.49 rating in 18-49.

The numbers were up seven percent in viewers and 14 percent in 18-49 from last week, and would have to be seen as some relief after the shockingly low 18-49 number last week.

The Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions NFL game won the night with 13.76 million viewers between ESPN and ESPN2, and a 4.58 in 18-49.

Raw was listed at number six in 18-49 for the night, but that's counting the game twice on different channels, so it was really fifth, behind the game, the kickoff show, the post-game show, and the episode of SportsCenter after the game. The leading entertainment show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, did a 0.31 in 18-49.

Raw was eighth in women 18-49, fifth in men 18-49, fifth in 12-34, fifth in women 12-34, and sixth in men 12-34.

News viewership was also high so Raw was only 18th in total viewers for the day.

Even with the promise of Reigns vs. Big E vs. Lashley, the show had the usual pattern with a 10 percent drop from hour one to hour three.

Women 18-49 was the same in hour one and three, but men fell 14 percent. Teenage girls grew 32 percent, teenage boys fell eight percent, and over 50 fell 12 percent.

As compared to the same week one year ago, Raw was up seven percent in viewers, down two percent in 18-49, and up 10 percent in 18-34.

The three hours were:

  • 8 p.m. 1.86 million viewers
  • 9 p.m. 1.85 million viewers
  • 10 p.m. 1.67 million viewers