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WWE Raw video highlights: Bobby Lashley & Lana's wedding

Like most professional wrestling weddings, the wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana didn't quite go off without a hitch.

The wedding angle took place in the main event segment of last night's Raw. After two other interruptions, Liv Morgan made her return and said the wedding had to stop. Morgan said that the love of her life was right there and that she wouldn't have made it through this year without them.

Morgan said she came to WWE as a lost soul, and she didn't know that she could be herself until they met and fell in love.

Lashley didn't know what she was talking about, but Morgan said she wasn't talking about him -- she was talking about Lana. She tried to plead with Lana, but Lana slapped her and they started to brawl.

Rusev ended up emerging from an oversized cake that was in the ring. He attacked Lashley, then Morgan shoved Lana's face into the cake to end the show.

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