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WWE Smackdown 5-14-15 spoilers: Seth Rollins vs. Ryback, Roman Reigns vs. Kane no DQ

- The show opened with Dean Ambrose out for a promo. He talked about Payback. Roman Reigns came out. Kane came out to talk about his match with Reigns, and Ambrose made fun of him. Kane ordered Ambrose to face Sheamus.

- Dean Ambrose b Sheamus with a roll-up in a good match.

- Kane announced Ryback vs. Rollins later in the show.

- Rusev & Lana came out.  Lana apologized to Rusev for her recent actions and for waving to the American fans and doing the Fandango dance.

- Ryback did an interview.

- Seth Rollins did an interview.

- Ryback vs. WWE Champion Seth Rollins saw Bray Wyatt attack Ryback before the match. Rollins acted like he was going to win via forfeit, but Ryback worked the match. He sold the beating and was pinned after two superkicks.

- Naomi & Tamina Snuka talked about the Bellas.

- Tyson Kidd b Kofi Kingston with the sharpshooter. Cesaro and the other New Day members were at ringside. 

- They said there would be an update on Daniel Bryan. It didn't take place to where the live audience could see it. Bo Dallas came out to make fun of Bryan.  Neville came out.

- Neville b Bo Dallas with the Red Arrow. King Barrett was on commentary and Barrett did a promo to Neville after the match.  Neville very over.

- There was a backstage segment with Adam Rose and The Rosebuds.

- No DQ match: Roman Reigns b Kane with a spear through a table set up in the corner. Lots of weapons.