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WWE SmackDown live results: AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler, new belts introduced

SmackDown from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT, featured the addition of two new championships to the brand. Likewise, AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler square off in a match to determine the next challenger for WWE world title.

Also tonight is the continuing fallout from SummerSlam, including Randy Orton addressing the crowd after his loss to Brock Lesnar.

Show Recap --

The show opened with a skit that began with various wrestlers mingling in the locker room including Rhyno, Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin and Erick Rowan. Dolph Ziggler was sulking slightly off camera. AJ Styles strolled in talking trash, saying he did exactly what he said he'd do. Of course, that was to beat up John Cena. He had the Never Give Up armband that Cena left in the ring after their match on Sunday.

"Looks cools, doesn't it?" AJ smugly asked them as he put the band around his head.  He added he was the face that ran this place.

He started bullying Dolph Ziggler. AJ told him, "I don't like losers!"

Dolph snapped and went after AJ, but he was held back.

"Stay the hell away from me. Mind your own business!", Dolph exclaimed as the skit ended.

Live in the arena with a ring full of wrestlers, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan have gathered them for an announcement about the new championships.

At Backlash, the first SmackDown women's champion will be crowned in a six-pack challenge. That's a match with six women, not a drinking game. 

The new SmackDown tag team titles are up for grabs in a tournament that begins tonight and concludes at Backlash.

Heath Slater interrupted the proceedings as he emerged from behind the barricade. He said he wanted to be like Michael Phelps and win some gold. Daniel Bryan told he "wasn't exactly equipped to challenge for the women's championship." Heath assured him he wasn't a woman. 

Heath wanted a shot at the tag team titles. Shane noted he wasn't a member of the roster, and more importantly, he didn't even have a tag partner. He vowed to find a partner and win. Daniel and Shane gave their blessing but Shane added he could only become a member of the roster if he won the entire tournament. He has to find a partner by next week.

AJ strolled out to complain about Dolph trying to attack him. He yelled at Heath and said he wouldn't be his partner. Just before he could complain more, Dolph stormed down the ramp and attacked AJ. Shane ordered to break them up.

After a commercial break, the melee was over and the ring was clear except for Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and a referee. The announcers plugged Bliss being on the cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers. 

Becky Lynch defeated Alexa Bliss

Natalya and Naomi are on guest commentary. Becky targeted the arm. Then, when Alexa cut her off, she also worked an arm. Becky made a comeback. Alexa got a near fall with a sunset flip. Becky eventually won with the Disarmer submission hold. Natalya and Naomi argued about which one of them would be the new champion.

Backstage, Heath Slater asked The Miz to be his partner. Miz sounded enthused, but the joke was on poor Heath. Miz was actually just talking on the phone with "Spielberg". Miz told Maryse he was going to be the next Indiana Jones. Heath was deflated.

The Usos defeated The Ascension to advance in the tag team tournament

Ascension got heat on Jimmy until a hot tag to Jey, who ran wild. Jimmy hit a splash off on Victor for the top for the pin.

AJ Styles came out to cut a promo. The crowd chanted for him but he pretended he was a heel by saying all he saw was angry faces. He had the armband on his bicep and said it looked better on him. He added that he beat up John Cena and won at SummerSlam. He told the fans that instead of crying about Cena, they should become AJ Styles fans. He exclaimed several times he was "the face that runs this place!"

Dolph tried to storm down the ramp but security held him back. An angry Daniel Bryan stormed out saying these two wouldn't ruin the show. He made Styles vs. Ziggler the main event for later tonight. If AJ wins, he gets a WWE world title shot at Backlash. If Dolph wins, he gets added to the title match to make it a three-way. AJ acted like he was mad. Why? He apparently gets a title match either way.

Nikki Bella vs. Carmella ended before it ever began

Before the match could start, Renee Young was interviewing Nikki in the ring when Carmella attacked her and beat her down. On commentary, JBL speculated Nikki might have broken her nose, though it wasn't bleeding at all in the slightest. Carmella gave her a Bella buster (X-factor) for good measure. 

Up next, Randy Orton is set to talk about the now infamous TKO loss he suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

He mentioned he got staples in his head due to the cut opened but by Lesnar. He said he and Lesnar's path would cross again. As he said that, Bray Wyatt interrupted him. 

Bray Wyatt sat in a rocking chair and talked about Orton being a mortal man. Bray said he was a god. He told Orton he would find out about that in time. With that, he disappeared and the chair was left empty and rocking.

In a backstage interview, Shane McMahon commented on the actions of Brock Lesnar giving him an F5. He said Brock cross the line. When prodded further, he scoffed at his sister Stephanie supposedly punishing Lesnar with a fine or merely $500. Shane said he issue with him and Brock is not over. 

Arn Anderson made a cameo when Heath Slater asked him to be his partner. Rhyno stepped in and said he would be Heath's partner, so they will be in a match next week.

American Alpha defeated Breezango to advance in the tag team tournament

This was more of a showcase for Jason Jordan and Chad Gable in the early portion of the match. They even got pre-tape promo beforehand. They took a lot of the offense and were squashing Tyler Breeze at the outset. Fandango jumped in while the referee was distracted and clotheslined Gable to turn the tide just before a commercial. 

After the break, Breezango were getting heat on Gable until a hot tag to Jordan. He cleaned house. Gable tagged back in for a combo move. Gable gave Breeze a German suplex as Jordan hit him with superkick. Fandango broke up the pin for a near fall. 

Breeze and Jordan traded near falls before American Alpha hit their finisher, the Grand Amplitude, and Gable pinned Breeze.

Announced for the Chinese tour was the debut of recent signee Bin Wang.

Dean Ambrose was walking around backstage wearing a huge styrofoam cowboy hat and carrying his WWE world title belt. He said he had been gambling at the casino. As he joked about his next challengers, a waitress brought him a drink and Ambrose said he was doing commentary for the main event.

During a commercial break, Ambrose ditched the cowboy hat and apparently downed his drink, as he had neither when he came down to the commentary booth. He also had found his leather jacket. 

AJ Styles defeated Dolph Ziggler to earn a WWE world title match

They did a lot of grabbling at the start and Styles seemed to be toned down after having such a hard-hitting match last Sunday. To set up the heat spot, Ziggler took a chest first bump into the turnbuckles like that which Bret Hart made famous. Styles shined up Ziggler for a comeback.

Then, it was near fall city. Ziggler ran wild and got a near fall with a famouser. When Ziggler went for a Zig-Zag, Styles countered and executed an Ushigoroshi for a near fall. Styles went for a springboard 450 but Ziggler rolled out of the way. Ziggler hit a satellite DDT for a near fall.

Ziggler countered a Styles Clash and hit the Zig-Zag for another yet another near fall. This one the fans really bought into, gasping when Styles kicked out. Styles sidestepped a superkick and used the Styles Clash to score the deciding pinfall. So, Styles goes on the challenge Ambrose for the world title at Backlash.

At ringside, Styles got in Ambrose's face and they had a stare down as the show closed.