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WWE SmackDown ratings up for Hell in a Cell fallout

Coming off Hell in a Cell and with Becky Lynch's Women's title victory over Charlotte Flair from the pay-per-view being the focus of the show, SmackDown viewership was up two percent over last week.

The show averaged 2.281 million viewers and finished eighth overall for the night in terms of total cable TV viewership. It was second in the 18-49 demo with a 0.78 rating -- almost identical to The Mayans on FX, which did a 0.79.

Coming off a night where Raw viewership was down due to big competition from the NFL and the Primetime Emmy Awards, viewership retention was a little higher than usual at almost 86 percent. In fact, that's the second-highest retention rate for SmackDown since the end of May.

Year-over-year viewership was down nine percent, marking the 14th straight week the show has suffered a decline from 2017.

Here's a look at SmackDown ratings over the last 10 weeks and how they compare to Raw's numbers: