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WWE Superstars results: ‘The Demonic’ Viktor vs. Jack Swagger, plus Paige in action!

The Big Takeaway: Paige made a rare appearance on Superstars and Jack Swagger beat Viktor from The Ascension in the main event.


Paige beat Summer Rae (4:20)

Paige came out, much to my surprise. This is her first appearance in a year on this show and she has been very underutilized of late on WWE television. But that’s fine, I find her intensely annoying. Here, for some reason, she continually stuck her tongue out and looked, more than ever, like a Goth

It occurred to me, as they locked up, that what they should do with Summer is pair her up with Charlotte, since they’re both from North Carolina. What else they do with her is beyond me, but both these women are good and being underused right now.

They both exchange dance moves early on until Paige trips Rae and kicks her down, covering her for two. Rae hits Paige with a jawbreaker, but is then caught by Paige who uses a fallaway slam. On the apron Paige uses multiple knees to midriff and then, when they go outside, is caught by Rae who smacks her with a leg lariat. Back inside, Rae uses kicks to the back and then smacks Paige’s head into the mat. Paige tries a small package but can only get two and immediately eats a clothesline.

Rae ties her up with her legs pinning Paige in a double chickenwing. She follows this with a body scissors but Paige elbows her way out. Paige then gets the heat with a clothesline and a running knee, followed by a super kick. She then locks in the Paige Tapout for the win.

Jack Swagger beat Viktor (9:09)

Viktor is still rocking the sub-par Papa Shango look this week, while Konnor serves his suspension. Swagger tries for an early Patriot Lock as “USA!” chants start up. He tries for it again but Viktor is able to get to the bottom rope.

Swagger hits Viktor with consecutive gutwrench suplexes to the mat and then rolls him into a two count. Out of the Irish whip, Swagger ducks clotheslines and drives Viktor to the mat with a shoulder barge. He then trips Viktor and again goes for the Patriot Lock, but it is countered this time and Viktor shoves Swagger into the second rope. He then rolls him up for a two count as we head to a break.

As we return Swagger is being whipped from pillar to post and getting beaten down. Viktor puts him in a side headlock. Viktor then hits what ought to be his finisher, a spinning uppercut, and goes up top. Swagger catches him, though, and throws him off the top rope in a belly-to-belly suplex.

Swagger then takes control, hitting Viktor with a clothesline to the corner that sets up the Swagger Bomb. When Viktor tries a cross body, Swagger catches him mid-air and locks in the Patriot Lock in the middle of the ring for the win.