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WWE Superstars results: Baron Corbin vs. Jack Swagger, plus Sasha Banks!

Baron Corbin

The Big Takeaway:  A really strong show that felt relevant and interesting. Superstars debuts for Sasha Banks and Baron Corbin, and a show-long storyline involving Dolph Ziggler on co-commentary, made for a rare compelling viewing experience.


Sasha Banks beat Summer Rae (4:06)

Dolph Ziggler and David Otunga are on commentary tonight as we’re told that Sasha Banks is up against and Summer Rae here to kick things off. Obviously, a debut on this show normally spells doom for any roster performer, but instead this made for a something different for this reviewer.

Sasha’s debut on this show was fairly short-lived, once she got a foot in the match. Rae shoved Banks repeatedly in the face on the bell, but Banks double legs her and goes for some ground and pound. Rae then runs into double knees to the face. Ziggler is entirely over-the-top and shrill on co-commentary here, kind of like Lawler was in his early days in WWE.

Banks is rolled up head-first into the turnbuckle and Rae stomps her down and chokes her with her foot. A leg drop gets a two count and she continues to use those long legs as offense. “Sasha” chants start up and Banks rolls Rae up for two, but is immediately hit with a big clothesline. Rae applies a rest hold.

When Banks works her way out, she catches Rae’s leg, kicks her hard and then drop kicks her to the mat. Rae rolls under the ropes and then pops up and catches Banks with an enzugiri. Banks recovers to hit Rae with a facebuster into the turnbuckle and then locks in the Bank Statement for the win.

Baron Corbin beat Jack Swagger (10:40)

We get a pre-match interview with Renee. Corbin describes Swagger as “just a guy who stands between me and my next paycheck” and shrugs off the fact that Ziggler is out there on co-commentary tonight.

So, Corbin came out to make his debut here and in the space of the next ten minutes made me really reevaluate my view of him. He and Swagger put on a really strong match that was actually made all the more entertaining by Dolph Ziggler who was totally on point throughout.

Swagger goes for an early Patriot Lock on the bell that really set the tone for this match. He approaches Corbin as an amateur technician, but Corbin just gets up to his feet from all the takedowns. There’s also a real focus on Ziggler here who is much better and more focused than he was during the Banks match. It is all used to build up their ppv match, making this show feel like it doesn’t exist in a bubble for once.

Corbin and Swagger brawl a lot. Swagger looks like he has dropped a few pounds. Corbin knocks him outside and then clubs him to the back of the head at the dasher boards as we head to a break.

We return to see Swagger throw Corbin outside, but he slides out of the ring, goes round the ring post and then dives back in the ring and nails Swagger with a clothesline. He covers him for a two count and then stomps him down. Corbin stalks him, puts on a chin lock and then takes a jawbreaker that Corbin no sells and goes right back to brawling.

The crowd is dead but the commentary is making this come to life. Swagger nails him with two clotheslines and a side slam. Swagger pops and hits him with a huge clothesline that looked really stiff. This sets up the Swagger Bomb, but Corbin gets his knees up. Corbin hits Swagger with the Deep Six, but can only get a two count.

Corbin smashes Swagger with forearms and then literally just kicks Swagger out the ring. Corbin goes outside and charges at Swagger, but he dodges and Corbin just goes full force right into the steel steps. Swagger rolls back in the ring and Corbin takes a 9 count. Corbin takes a Swagger Bomb but kicks out at two.

By Superstars standards this really was a hell of a match. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock and Corbin is just able to grab the ropes. A cheap shot from Corbin allows him to hit Swagger with a straight right hand and uses the End of Days for a hard earned win.