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WWE Superstars results: Bo Dallas vs. Kalisto: Ryback vs. Fandango

Kalisto v Bo Dallas

The Big Takeaway: The pre-Raw/post-WrestleMania show saw the US champion and his WrestleMania challenger get wins.


Ryback beat Fandango (4:55)

Bear in mind that these matches are in front of the most vocal crowd of the year and, as a warm up, they decided to put out Ryback and Fandango. The latter’s charm has waned considerably even with a European-heavy audience like this over the last few years. The former came out looking completely pissed off and as though he didn’t want to be there at all.

The match starts with knees from Ryback which take Fandango down. Ryback scoop slams Fandango and poses sarcastically to this hot crowd. Ryback misses a clothesline and takes some chops, but then just beats Fandango back down. Fandango manages a drop kick and a side Russian leg sweep, but Ryback kicks out at two.

Fandango’s cross body attempt is caught and turned into a running power slam. And after Fandango continues to kick out of covers at one, Ryback puts on a rear chin lock. Fandango works his way out but is thwarted by a high knee and sharp knees to the back. Ryback uses a long suplex, but again Fandango is able to kick out at one. Ryback chokes him out using middle rope and then goes back to the rear chin lock. “Boring!” chants start up as Ryback scoop slams him. He goes up top but falls into Fandango’s legs.

Fandango heats up with knife edge chops and clotheslines. He smacks Ryback with an enzugiri and a nicely-timed spinning heel kick. Ryback kicks out at two and so Fandango goes up to the top rope to try for the Last Dance but is crotched. Ryback hits the Shell Shock, wins and walks off without celebrating.


Kalisto beat Bo Dallas (w/ The Social Outcasts) (6:03)

The Social Outcasts come out for a promo. They blame Bo for their defeat in the Battle Royal at WrestleMania. They get a tepid reaction from a very eager crowd and ramble on about the ‘Bo train’. This gets enough of a response that they all do a victory lap together. Expect some ugly t-shirts with ‘Bo Train’ embazoned on them next week on the WWE shop.

They lock up and the ref forces a break at the ropes. Dallas and Kalisto exchange shoves and then Dallas eats an explosion of moves from Kalisto: he runs into a kick, followd by an enzugiri and a springboard drop kick and so goes outside. We go to a break.

Kalisto uses an armdrag into an arm bar, followd by kicks an knees as we return. Bo calls for time out, begging for mercy but takes a basement dropkick. He manages to then dump Kalisto through the ropes and covers his head with the apron and pummels him with forearms. A quick cover and a quick kick out at one sees Dallas apply the first of a few cravat holds.

When Kalisto gets out, he is immediately shoulder tackled back to the mat. Kalisto tries a small package, but Dallas kicks out at two and goes straight back to the cravat.

Kalisto gets the heat with a springboard corkscrew, a spike rana and wraps things up with the SDS, using Slater and Axel for leverage, for the win.