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WWE Superstars results: Braun Strowman vs. Sin Cara; Neville teams with Darren Young

Curtis Axel & Titus O'Neil v Darren Young & Neville

The Big Takeaway: The Strowman and Sin Cara rematch was poor, and Titus O’Neil and Darren Young never got near one another in the main event.


Braun Strowman defeated Sin Cara (3:57)

Sin Cara plays cat and mouse and then attacks Strowman with kicks. Strowman misses a clothesline attempt, allowing Sin Cara to try a springboard moonsault from the second rope. Strowman catches him and slams him into the turnbuckle.

Strowman crushes Sin Cara with a running splash, then slaps him around and strikes him to the mid-section. He even does the old school big man thing and walks over him. But the match gets slow and dull. Strowman just has to learn to sell because otherwise he can never go beyond four minutes. He slaps on a nerve hold, and then a chinlock.

Finally, Sin Cara rallies, pulling Strowman’s beard. But Strowman cuts him off with knee strikes and dumps him outside. Strowman poses, goes outside, but takes a baseball slide and a tope from Sin Cara. Strowman slides back in immediately and hits a really sloppy clothesline. He uses the Yokosuka cutter for the win.

Darren Young (w/ Bob Backlund) & Neville defeated Curtis Axel & Titus O’Neil (7:20)

The key to this match was the fact that the rivals, Young and O’Neil, never actually got in the ring together. They didn't even tease it.

Young and Axel kick things off. They trade headlocks. Axel takes over with strikes and a shoulder barge out of the Irish whip. Young then hits him with hip tosses and an inverted atomic drop. He uses a scoop slam and a vertical senton, but Axel kicks out at two. He tags in Neville, and they double team Axel.

Neville uses an impressive standing shooting star press but only gets two. Axel works over Neville and tags in O’Neil, who comes in with open hand chops. Neville lands kicks to the thigh. A distraction from Axel allows O’Neil to kick Neville off the apron with a big boot as we head to a break.

O’Neil and Axel are in control with Neville in peril when we return. Neville is thrown outside as he was going for the tag. O’Neil is tagged in and throws Neville into the dasher boards and literally pats himself on the back.

Neville finally gets the tag to Young who gets the heat on Axel. He back body drops him onto the apron but only gets two after the pin is broken up. Neville is able to pull O'Neil to the outside. Young then hits the Gut Check on Axel for the win.