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WWE Superstars results: Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas; Apollo Crews in action

Apollo Crews v Stardust

The Big Takeaway: Undefeated Apollo Crews sold for Stardust in the main event while Cesaro dominated Bo Dallas in a fun squash.


Cesaro beat Bo Dallas (w/ Curtis Axel) (4:25)

Cesaro comes out to a huge reaction. He has his left shoulder taped up. Cesaro is all about repetition and tonight he delivers all the fan favourites in multiples.

After being taken down with an arm drag from Dallas, Cesaro does a series of kip ups just because he can. He tries to roll up Dallas but can only get two. A headlock by Dallas slows things down but when Cesaro gets out of it, he ducks multiple clothesline attempts and then drop kicks Dallas out of his boots.

Dallas goes outside and he and Axel do a Bo train. Superman Cesaro rolls outside and uppercuts Dallas which amusingly knocks both men over. Back in the ring a distraction from Axel results in Cesaro taking some brief offense from Bo. He hits a neck breaker and then uses clubs to the back of the neck to try and soften Cesaro up.

After working his way out of a cravat, Cesaro uses a series of Euperopean uppercuts to the corners, knocking Axel off the apron in the process. After a 10-rep giant swing, Cesaro locks in the Sharpshooter for the win.

Apollo Crews beat Stardust (8:57)

Saxton and Philips tell us that some social media-related beef has set up this match. They keep pushing that Crews is undefeated. If they’re going to do an undefeated gimmick with Crews, it would help if he was on Raw every week, yet this is his second consecutive week on Superstars.

They lock up and a disgusted and out-powered Stardust takes his gloves off and throws them away. Lots of Cody chants are around and he sells them like they’re throwing acid in his eyeballs – it lost its charm about two years ago.

Cody can’t whip Crews because of his sheer size and is instead sent over the top rope. Outside he has a paddy and eventually comes back in after taking a 6 count. He slaps the back of Crews’ head while he has him in a waist lock. Crews stops, and disgusted turns round and punches Stardust to the mat and then dropkicks him.

Crews locks in a standing suplex with tons of hang time, but as he is going outside to go up to the top rope, he gets kicked off the apron to the outside, where he hits the steps and sells his shoulder as we head to a break.

The rest of the match sees Stardust working the left shoulder. Stardust is pretty creative here, using the ring in multiple ways to injure and debilitate Crews. Eventually, still selling the arm and shoulder, Crews gets the heat with clotheslines with his good arm. He follows this with a big boot, a running splash and a leaping back elbow. He hits his patented standing moonsault but Cody kicks out at two.

Crews then uses a pump handle slam, but again it only garners two. Cody then tries to go for the Cross Rhodes, but Crews reverses it and sends Stardust rolling off him. So he tries the Disaster Kick but Crews avoids it by ducking. Crews then gets the win with the spin-out powerbomb.