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WWE Superstars results: Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze; Damien Sandow returns!

Dolph Ziggler v Tyler Breeze

The Big Takeaway: Damien Sandow returned to Superstars to lose to Ryback, while Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze had an excellent back and forth in the main event.


Ryback beat Damien Sandow (4:54)

A nice babyface reaction for the returning Damien Sandow was a nice way to kick off the show. Ryback came out looking infinitely more pumped and enthusiastic than he did last week on this show.

After they lock up, Ryback uses a quick fireman’s carry into a wristlock and then a headlock takedown. Ryback shoulder barges Sandow to the mat but he is able to get up and dodge the charge and hit Ryback with a neat drop kick. After a side Russian leg sweep, Sandow pulls out the fun, yet entirely ineffective, Cubito Aequet.

Ryback is sent outside and Sandow shows off with a triumphant cartwheel. Ryback runs into an elbow but then catches Sandow’s cross body attempt and turns it into a fallaway slam. Ryback stomps through him in the corner and then hits him with an elbow drop and covers him for two.

Ryback puts on a rear chin lock. When Sandow works his way out, he gets scoop slammed, but is able to put his legs up to avoid being splashed. Ryback gets dumped through the ropes to the outside. Ryback is sunset flipped but kicks out at two, and then takes a rolling neckbreaker for a near fall. Sandow goes up top but misses and takes the meat hook clothesline followed by the Shell Shock for the win.                                                            

Dolph Ziggler beat Tyler Breeze (8:55)

This was a good match because both gave each other a lot. Despite the similar move sets, I think this was the best I’ve seen Breeze work on WWE TV for a long time. Worth a look if you have a spare 10 minutes.

Breeze arm drags Ziggler at the bell and then casually drapes himself across the top of the ropes. Ziggler laughs it off and then does exactly the same, much to the disgust of Breeze. Ziggler puts Breeze in an abdominal stretch and then turns it into a backslide. Breeze kicks out at one and then side suplexes Ziggler for a one count. Breeze puts on a chin lock.

Breeze is flipped over the ropes onto the apron and then drop kicked off to the matting. Ziggler runs round and hits Breeze through the ropes with a baseball slide, but is then scooped under the apron material so that he can’t see. When he comes out, Breeze smacks him with a Super Model Kick as we head to a break.

We return to see Ziggler in a chin lock, but he soon gets the heat with clotheslines, a splash to the corner, a neckbreaker and the removal of his shirt! Ziggler leaps up and lands an elbow drop and covers Breeze for two. Ziggler then hits the Famouser but again Breeze kicks out at two. Breeze tries for the Unprettier but it is countered, with a super kick attempt. When the misses, Breeze slingshots Ziggler and lines up the Beauty Shot. Ziggler kicks out at two.

They both stay down until Ziggler is able to get up and hit the Zig Zag. This time, Breeze doesn’t kick out but is able to get his foot on the rope. Ziggler finally gets the win with the Superkick.