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WWE Superstars results: Jack Swagger v Fandango plus Divas action

Fandango v Jack Swagger

The Big Takeaway: After a long absence Superstars had some Divas in action, with Natalya beating the bizarre Alicia Fox. In the main event Swagger and Fandango put on a good 9-minute match.


Natalya beat Alicia Fox (5:00)

Fox is in full on ‘diva’ mode here (in the original sense of the word) and spends a lot of the match shouting, screaming and generally wasting time. But although this could have been a much shorter match, when they did actually wrestle, it was pretty good.

They lock up, with Fox taking some sort of cat-like stance, and she takes Natty down with a head scissors. Natalya kicks out and they lock up again. This time, Natty goes for a wrist lock and transitions into a school girl, for two. At this, Fox shouts, “I don’t wanna play like this!” Natty goes for sharpshooter but Fox is able to get to the ropes before she can get it locked in.

Fox calls for a “time out” and “you suck!” chants start up. Its good to see her getting a reaction. This character isn’t bad, she just needs more practice with it in front of a live crowd so she can smooth the edges off it. After calling for her time out, she then calls for silence and goes for a handshake. Natalya accepts but then stamps on her hand.

Natalya uses a slingshot onto Fox’s spine followed by a basement drop kick. More time wasting as Fox now rolls outside. She smacks Natalya’s head against the apron rolls her in and covers her for two. Fox then uses her bridging Northern Lights suplex for two – a move she always does, but one she executes very well.

More timewasting as she shouts that her manicure “cost $35!” I’ve no idea why. She goes for another Northern Lights but then misses a leg drop so that Natalya can lock in the Sharpshooter. Natalya’s grace and finesse in putting on her finisher is really something, the Cheshire cat grin shows how in control she is.

Jack Swagger beat Fandango (9:03)

For some reason Fandango has the words 'Let's Get Weird' written on the back of his jacked. It's worryingly Dolph-Ziggler like in its font but more akin to something Goldust would say.

Swagger goes to the mat and shifts Fandango into a fireman’s carry on the bell, for two. Fandango cowers in the ropes and then nails Swagger with a cheap shot, followed by chops and European uppercuts. Fandango whips Swagger chest first into the turnbuckle, and covers him for two.

A scoop slam by Swagger allows him to go for the Swagger Bomb, but Fandango rolls outside. Swagger gives chase but is launched off the apron into the dasher boards. We head to a break.

Fandango is in charge, as we return, with a rear chin lock. Swagger works his way out but runs into a drop kick. Fandango smashes Swagger’s chest into apron, plants his hand across his chest and shouts ‘Fan-dan-go!’ in his face. Swagger starts to make a comeback but they hit a double clothesline and go down for five. Fandango goes outside, and hits Swagger with a top rope guillotine followed by a slingshot leg drop. He cover him for two.

Swagger then gets his legs up into Fandango’s charge and this time is able to hit the Swagger Bomb, but again only for two. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock, gets kicked off and then posted. Fandango rolls him up using the ropes for leverage but the referee sees and breaks the count. When Fandango turns back around Swagger throws him up and slaps on the Patriot Lock for the win.