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WWE Superstars results: Tyler Breeze vs. Zack Ryder plus Divas action!

Zack Ryder v Tyler Breeze

The Big Takeaway: Natalya went from the match of the night at WWE Roadblock to being here on Superstars in the space of two days. Zack Ryder beat Tyler Breeze in a very good main event.


Natalya beat Summer Rae (6:40)

After being on this show for the last three weeks, they finally name check Greg Hamilton – the new ring announcer – on commentary. He’s the strangest choice for a new WWE ring announcer: chubby, average looking and, crucially, male. They also reference the fact that Natalya had a great match at Roadblock where she nearly captured the Divas championship. However, they failed to mention that being on this show two days later is a serious kick in the teeth.

They lock up and Natty uses a headlock takedown which Summer Rae counters with a head scissors. Natalya does up kip up and they lock up again. Natty drops down and goes for a roll up but only gets a two count. Natalya keeps Raw in a waste lock, Summer Rae double legs Natalya, but she bridges up and tries a back slide. They stand up and Rae goes for a kick but Natty catches her leg and Rae begs for mercy.  

Rae is slammed to the mat and then smashed with a basement drop kick. Rae grabs the ropes, and the ref breaks the hold. She calls for a time out. Natalya gets wound up and is sent head first into the turnbuckle and stomped on.

Summer Rae puts on the Indian death lock and then mounts her and thrusts her foot into her throat. Natalya reverses the hold but Rae gets to the ropes. A quick clothesline from Rae knocks Natalya back down and she takes a two count. Summer Rae goes back to the knee. Natalya threatens and chases the Sharpshooter and finally gets it when Rae misses a leg drop. Another good Natalya match.

Tyler Breeze beat Zack Ryder (8:46)

Ryder is pumped for this match. We immediately get “woo!” chants as they lock up and Ryder grabs a headlock. Yet again we get a comment from the announcers about his beard being ‘natural’. I assume that this is now an in-joke or rib that they have to mention it and Just For Men every week. Ryder explodes with an atomic drop, a snap mare, followed by a summersault neck breaker for a two count. He smashes Breeze with a flapjack, who rolls onto the apron, only to eat a missile drop kick.

Breeze takes the opportunity to grab Ryder’s leg and smashes it against the post. He rolls back in and mounts him, raining down on him with punches. Ryder kicks out of the cover at two and so Breeze puts on a rear chin lock. Ryder works his way out, goes up top but is thrown off the top rope. While on the apron, Breeze hits him with an enzugiri and Ryder spills out onto the matting outside the ring as we head to a break.

We return to back body drop by Breeze and to see Ryder then kicking out at two. Breeze goes back to the rear chin lock again. And this time when Ryder fights out, he catapults Breeze into the corner. Ryder gets the heat with clotheslines, a second rope missile drop kick, a flying forearm smash, only to then miss the Broski Boot. Breeze rolls out the way, but Ryder gets him anyway with a drop kick through the ropes. Outside, Ryder goes for and hits Broski Boot. Breeze is rolled back in for two. Ryder goes up top, Breeze scouts it and hits him with the Super Model Kick. Ryder kicks out at two.

Ryder double knees the charging Breeze, but his missile drop kick is turned into a power bomb for two. Breeze goes for the unprettier but it is reversed into neckbreaker. Ryder goes up top and points at WrestleMania sign. He hits the ‘Elbro’ drop for the win. Very nice match.