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WWE Superstars results: The Usos and The Ascension headline a tag team special

The Usos v The Ascension

The Big Takeaway: If you like tag team matches that run at 100 mph, this is the show for you. The opener was fun and the finish in the main event was very good.


The Shining Stars def. Breezango (3:05)

The Shining Stars come out for a promo. Primo buries the crowd and Epico just waffles on about being a shining star. Primo seems to be doing a Tony Montana impersonation while Epico is barely hiding his Florida accent.

Primo and Tyler Breeze start things up until Breeze and Fandango use quick tags. Fandango comes in with a dropkick for a two count and then they double team Primo. The Shining Stars turn things around and double team Breeze. Epico hits a clothesline, puts on a chin lock and bellows “Viva Puerto Rico!”

Epico misses a splash, Breeze is able to snatch an enzuigiri and tags in Fandango. He comes in against Primo with jabs, clotheslines, and spinning leg lariat. The pin is broken up, Breeze gets dumped, but then Epico is sent packing by Fandango.

Fandango goes up top but Primo ducks out of the way and hits a backstabber. The Shining Stars hits their finisher, the imaginatively titled 'The Shining Star’, for the win.

The Usos beat The Ascension (8:55)

The Ascension are regulars on this show but they seemingly never win. So I checked, the last time they won was February 2016 and it was on Superstars against the team of Damien Sandow and Fandango. Before that, their last win was at Night of Champions 2015 in a six-man tag with Stardust. It was the dark match.

So, if you thought it was Konnor’s suspension that got this team buried, you’d be wrong.

Jimmy Uso and Konnor start things off together. They exchange arm-rings and Konnor of all people does a very impressive kip-up. He runs into a chop and running forearm by Jimmy. God, The Usos are really good.

Viktor tags in and they double team Jimmy. Jimmy stops Viktor in his tracks and pulls out some dance moves as we head to a break.

We return to Konnor with a chinlock on Jimmy. He scoop slams him and gets huge elevation on an elbow drop. Viktor tags in and stomps all over Jimmy, Jey distracts the ref and the Ascension use cheap shots on his brother.

Konnor comes in and after more chinlocks Jey tries to come in the ring. Jimmy powers up and throws both members of the Ascension outside. And with a completely empty ring, Jimmy totally milks the pursuit of the hot tag.

Jey comes in with clotheslines and a Samoan Drop. Jey takes out Konnor and comes off the top rope with a crossbody on Viktor for a two count. Jey looks like he’s lost weight and tears his shirt off. The Ascension rally and hit their new finisher The Soul Driver for a two count.

Their Fall of Man attempt is thwarted by a super kick. Jimmy comes off the top rope with a splash for the win.