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WWE Survivor Series notes: Shane McMahon update, Goldberg scheduled for Raw

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon | Survivor Series

Image: WWE.com

Here's a few updates coming out of last night's Survivor Series show:

- The Shane McMahon injury was very much real, but by later in the night, he was telling everyone he was feeling fine and his family was with him backstage.

McMahon was supposed to be pinned after a coast-to-coast dropkick got reversed into a spear by Roman Reigns. The spot, with a high degree of difficulty, saw both men shaken up and they may have bonked heads. When the referee saw Shane was injured, they held up the match to attend to him.

At one point, Randy Orton broke character and went to Shane's children at ringside to tell them that Shane was okay.

- Brock Lesnar flew back home after the show and will not be on tonight's Raw. Bill Goldberg was not advertised for tonight, but he is scheduled on the show. As of right now, Paul Heyman is not scheduled on the show.

As noted last night on Wrestling Observer Radio, Goldberg and Lesnar will be wrestling again, and perhaps more than just once more.