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WWE Tough Enough Episode 2 Results and Recap

By Kenneth Nida @knida89

Last week’s episode was an uneventful introduction to the show. Many of the people who stood out in the try outs faded into the background.  The episode was predominantly ZZ’s show, as he was the only person to show any sort of personality that wasn’t negative. If ZZ goes home, there’s going to be a large void of charisma in his absence; luckily I don’t see voters letting him go home even if he’s in the bottom 3 every week.

The second episode started off with Chris Jericho and Renee Young introducing the judges. They talk with them briefly about the contestants. They go back over the rules of elimination, and show the contestants reactions to last week’s elimination. More fighting between the contestants, with almost everyone declaring they want Dianna to go home. There’s also an amazing argument between Patrick and Alex about whether having knowledge about wrestling is important. The highlight being Alex declaring that “Knowledge is nothing!”

The next challenge is a courage challenge consisting of swimming in alligator/snake infested waters to an airboat which has a title belt attached to it. The contestants then have to swim back to shore with the belt. ZZ is simply amused, while others are beyond terrified. Dianna ends up winning for the women, and Tanner wins for the men. Some of the contestants required assistance, with Alex needing to be rescued by a life guard. Billy Gunn is very upset with Daria for losing her title in the water, causing her to cry.

Back at the barracks, Josh is upset, feeling that Tanner cheated. He basically challenges him to a fight. Giorgia consoles Daria, and confesses she thinks Dianna cheated.  

Roman Reigns is in the ring when all the contestants enter the training area. Most of the women swoon, with Gabi even declaring that she swears she got wet at seeing him. Roman speaks briefly about taking a Spear or Superman Punch, and introduces Bull Dempsey who shows off his top rope finishing move. We go briefly back to the judges for their thoughts on the challenges.

Back from the break, the contestants take turns taking flat back bumps. The second courage challenge is to take a flat back bump from a platform on the tope rope. Everyone does so, with Dianna taking a long time because she’s afraid, even though she swore she wasn’t afraid of heights. The judges declare that Patrick and Giorgia were the best, and congratulate everyone but remind them that someone has to go home.

More arguing and shouting between the women. Dianna is not pleased with her Princess Dianna nickname, and she gets into a shouting match with Daria and Amanda. Dianna gets ZZ to agree to trade rooms with her and encourages him to snore and fart in his sleep to drive the other women crazy.

The judges interview the contestants. Daniel Bryan brings up Alex’s comment about knowledge not mattering. Alex says knowing all the statistics in the world won’t make you a better athlete. Paige points out that Amanda and Sara Lee are blending into the background a bit, and encourages them to show more personality.

The bottom 3 are chosen. Daniel Bryan chooses Alex, Paige chooses Sara Lee, and Hogan chooses Dianna. Each contestants gets 30 seconds to plead their case. The judges decline to use their saves this week. Sara Lee gets 50% of the vote, Dianna gets 35% of the vote, and Alex is eliminated with 15% of the vote.