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WWE Tough Enough season finale results & recap: Josh vs. ZZ, Amanda vs. Sara Lee

WWE Tough Enough

By Kenneth Nida, Wrestlingobserver.com

Tonight is the final episode of Tough Enough season 6. Either Sara Lee or Amanda, and ZZ or Josh will be awarded a $250,000 developmental contract with WWE. Amanda seemingly has no chance, as the one time she was in the bottom 3, she was the contestant with the lowest votes by a wide margin. She was saved because Miz thinks she’s attractive. Sara Lee on the other hand has dominated when it comes to getting fans votes. Between Josh and ZZ it could go either way, but Josh did surpass ZZ in votes last week. As the season went on it felt like ZZ gradually lost the support of the fans with his general laziness.

We start off with the remaining contestants discussing last week’s elimination. Amanda brings up the discussion from last week’s Tough Talk where she confronted Sara Lee about her sleeping with a wrestler. The contestants work with Chris Jericho to come up with their character and entrances. The men have built in characters already, with ZZ channeling his background as an alligator wrestler, and Josh being “The Yeti.” They reveal to the contestants that they will be wrestling Cesaro and Alicia Fox live during the finale.

Amanda vs. Alicia Fox is first. Amanda uses the character “Mandy Rose”. She says if she wins, she’s going to throw a giant party and everyone is invited. It’s a bit bizarre to watch a WWE match without commentary. Alicia ends up winning in a few minutes. The judges find the match a bit sloppy but are impressed with where she’s at with it being her first live match.

Next is Sara Lee who uses the name “Hope”. She says after their match Alicia Fox will only be a footnote in Hope’s career. Alicia Fox wins again, the judges thought she did well, but her entrance was dull. They open up the voting, which lasts through a commercial break, but the winner will be revealed at the end of the show.

ZZ vs. Cesaro is first for the men. His character is “the King of the Bayou” and he comes out wearing an alligator skin cape, with the head as a helmet. He said he’d gotten too good at wrestling alligator’s, so he was going to try his hand at wrestling people. Cesaro wins a very short match with a Crossface. The judges take issue with his entrance, and don’t think he could handle matches longer than 2 minutes.

Josh is introduced as “The Yeti”. He’s wearing some very interesting shorts, and doesn’t cut a very good promo. Miz calls him out on his outfit, but all the judges are impressed with his performance.

HHH is introduced to give the winners their contracts. Sara Lee wins with 64% of the vote with Amanda getting 36% of the vote. For the men, Josh wins with 70% of the vote with ZZ getting 30% of the vote.

It will be interesting to see which of the contestants are offered developmental contracts in the future. Chris Jericho stated that it won’t be the last we see of ZZ and Amanda, and I could certainly see them signing people like Patrick and Megan. What will be made out of Sara Lee and Josh will also be interesting to follow, considering the track record of past winners of the show.