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NXT Winter Haven, FL, live results: Samoa Joe vs. Andrade Cien Almas

Samoa Joe

I'm at Winter Haven FL for NXT Live in front of a sold out house of approximately 350.

- No Way Jose beat Tucker Knight 

Entertaining match with Jose using new baseball inspired moves like setting Knight in the corner and running the three corners like bases before a slide in drop kick. The ref even made the safe sign for the home run. Jose won it with his finish. 

- Peyton Royce beat Liv Morgan 

Fast action by Morgan including a big monkey flip out of the corner and spinning headscissor rana. Peyton worked holds and won it with a fisherwoman suplex.

- Chris Girard beat Buddy Murphy 

Very good match with a lot of crowd interaction "You Got Dumped!" "Blake Is Better!" "Where's Alexa?" solid support of Girarad for all his running uppercuts. Major combination at the end including running to the buckles for uppercuts and a huge spinning neck breaker for the win. 

- Mojo Rawley beat Elias Samson 

Comedy spots early on to upset Drifter. The hammer man dance and a lot of wiggling. Mojo won it with a running clothesline in to the corner.

- NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha beat The Authors Of Pain 

Big heels got a lot of heat on Chad Gable to set up the Jason Jordan hot tag. Assisted German Suplex for the win. 

- Adrienne Reese beat Nikki Storm 

Strong match, Nikki had control most of the match, talking trash, keeping Adrienne grounded. Finish was the top rope diving stunner.

- In-ring promo with Mandy Rose she says that she is a bikini model champion. This got a lot of heat and "Wannabe Diva" chant. 

- TM61 beat Angelo Dawkins and Patrick Clarke 

Well-paced match, TM61 hit their double team spinebuster for the win.

- NXT Champion Samoa Joe beat Andrade Cien Almas  

Great match. Joe is the dominant champion so he cut off the fired-up Andrade at every turn. Andrade hit the moonsault into a standing moonsault for a near fall in his best hope spot. Joe caught Andrade in the clutch out of nowhere for the submission victory.