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WWE/Evolve agreement, Seth Rollins to appear on ESPN

WWE has agreed to send Sami Zayn to the Evolve live shows on Saturday and Sunday night in Queens, NY, and Deer Park, NY, for non-wrestling appearances.

Zayn, currently out of action due to shoulder surgery, will be doing an autograph signing and posing for pictures with fans both nights.  He will also be doing something in the ring but it will only be for the live audience as they are not allowing him to appear on the iPPV portion of the show it is believed.

WWE is working with Evolve as a place for talent WWE is interested in to work before they go to WWE, as WWE doesn't want to sign talent if at all possible that has been on national cable or can be merchandised in some form based on prior agreements.

Seth Rollins is scheduled to appear on ESPN Sports Center at 9 p.m. tomorrow night .  Jonathan Coachman, who will be on with Rollins, has teased a major announcement regarding WWE and ESPN within the next 48 hours.