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WWF Tuesday Night Titans episode 42: Randy Savage busts onto the scene

Randy Savage Tuesday Night Titans

By Joshua Molina for WrestlingObserver.com

- Air date: July 19, 1985
- Run time: 43:14

Sadly, there is no episode 41 of Tuesday Night Titans on the WWE Network. This was supposed to be the episode guest-hosted by Jesse "The Body" Ventura, where he promised to bring "Prince" to appear.

Ventura was determined to prove to the world that he was pals with big-time entertainers and Prince would be his evidence. We'll never know. I do recall, however, from my boyhood memories, Ventura bringing some effeminate little Prince impostor to dance like the 80s icon. Ventura sold it like the actor was legit, while host Vince McMahon and Lord Alfred Hayes just looked on in bewilderment.

Fortunately, however, we skip to episode 42, a show built around the appearance of Randy "Macho Man" Savage, one of the greatest wrestlers ever.

Vince McMahon

McMahon announces that this episode will feature managers bidding on Savage. Who will Savage choose? Hmmn. Out first is "Classy" Freddie Blassie. Blassie is wearing his Liberace-esque, sequined jackets that would make Adam Lambert jealous.

It's crazy that Blassie was still active at this stage of his career. He has to be in his late 60s, early 70s. Blassie was always angry. Here he's complaining about how Barry Windham allegedly cheated to allow he and Bray Wyatt's dad Mike Rotunda to win back the tag team titles from Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik, managed by Blassie.

Fred Blassie

We go to the footage and see a well-worked tag team match, with horrible announcing by Bruno Sammartino. Rotunda pinned the Sheik with help from Windham while the referee was kicking Volkoff out of the ring. Blassie, back in the TNT chair, is complaining that it was a fast count.

Hayes agrees that it was a fast count, but McMahon says that "referees are human." Since it's 1985 and the Ronald Reagan-era, Blassie accuses the "Puerto Rican" referee of being a "midget" and "two short," who "can't count to 2." 

McMahon, showing a perfect dose of fake sensitivity and self-righteousness, says "I am not sure what his nationality . . ." before Blassie interrupts that he is not even good enough to referee the "girls matches."

McMahon is going somewhere with this. He pulls out an issue of the WWF Magazine where shows pictures of The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff and Blassie in costume set to appear in a video.

Fred Blassie

"Gimme a break, I mean is this the way your train for a title match!" McMahon says, questioning Blassie's managerial skills.

Up next is "Quick Draw" Rick McGraw. Mcmahon says McGraw has "a never say die attitude" and that we could all learn something from his tenacity." McGraw died at age 30, four months after this TNT appearance. McGraw died of heart failure, but those in the industry knew that he had a prescription drug problem.

McGraw's voice in this appearance is raspy and at times difficult to understand.

Rick McGraw

They go to a match between an amazing-looking Bret "Hitman" Hart, wearing all black, against McGraw. Hart may have believed his own hype in the 1990s, but here in 1985, Hart is absolutely brilliant in his timing and storytelling.

We only get about two minutes -- McMahon obviously doesn't want to show Hart beating McGraw.

McGraw is apparently on the show to talk about his upcoming wedding. McMahon suggests McGraw might be nervous, but McGraw doesn't say much one way or another. This is an odd segue into the next guest -- Ophelia, the woman who married Paul Vachon on TNT at the end of 1984.

McMahon bring Ophelia out in a full wedding dress, hiding behind a veil. "Things are not going that well for you, are they," McMahon laughs, like a madman. She responds: "I am completely disillusioned."

She tells McGraw that if she could find his sweetheart she would tell her not to marry a wrestler because their whole world revolves around wrestling. McGraw can barely contain his laughter.

Rick McGraw

She claims that Vachon took her to a wresting camp on their honeymoon. She claims that she is wearing her wedding dress because Vachon won't buy her any clothes. McGraw keeps looking at the camera and is clearly uncomfortable.

She said when the alarm went off Vachon put her in a French Canadian toehold until the alarm went off the next morning. This actress is actually doing a pretty good job selling this horrible marriage to Vachon. McMahon wishes McGraw good luck before ending the segment.

Up next:

Randy Savage

This is Savage is all his glory. He's wearing jeans and a flashy, glittery top and a green bandana. He throws confetti in the air as he walks through the curtain. He tells McMahon that he just shook the hand of the next WWF champion. Savage is unbelievable here. Talking about owning the room.

"I guarantee victory over Hulk Hogan. How do you like that, that I can guarantee victory over Hulk Hogan. But I can do that because I am the world's greatest. No one can really stop me. Someone said something about Hulkamania, somebody said something about Hulkamania and I answered it with Macho Madness and I feeling real real good and I will be the next world heavyweight champion."

Savage just cut a better promo than anyone on the WWE roster has done since CM Punk's pipe bomb in 2011.

Savage is wrestling Aldo Marino. In pink trunks and yellow boots, Savage looks glorious, like a red velvet cupcake with creamy frosting on the top. Savage is agile like Daniel Bryan, but strong like Randy Orton. To say this guy is cat-like would be an understatement. As Gordon Solie would say, he's not quick, he's sudden.

He wins the match with two flying elbow drops off the tope rope.

Randy Savage

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Mr. Fuji, Jimmy Hart, Freddie Blassie and Luscious Johnny Valiant are all out in the ring to greet Savage, all to vie for his services.

Randy Savage Managers

Savage beats up on Marino one more time dropping a double-axe handle on him from the top rope.

"I am the world's greatest wrestler of all time," Savage says. "Past, present future I am talking 2000 light years into the future. Nothing stops the Macho Man Randy Savage. I am the lord and master of the ring and I will take the WWF championship belt -- guaranteed."

Randy Savage

Next up: The bidding begins.

Heenan, Hart, Blassie and McMahon are around a table. Each are going to make an offer or presentation to Savage. Heenan goes first. Savage says "Talk to me Bobby." Heenan says Savage is the most-sought after wrestler in the world. Heenan says he is the best manager in the world. Heenan says he can take him shopping every day in Beverly Hills. He can introduce him to stars.

Heenan: "Give me a shot. You will be a rich man. A rich man soon. Some managers make guesses. I make decisions."

Savage is impressed. He says "This man is smart."

Hart takes a different approach. He says he will be his low-cost discount manager who can have his clothes made in Memhis, Tennessee. I will make you money I will save you money." Heenan interrupts and asks Savage, "Do you want to shop in Beverly Hills or at Kmart?" Heenan was soooo good.

Hart says Heenan would rip off Savage.

Blassie says he is the only here who has managed the world heavyweight champion. He is the only one with diamonds. Blassie pulls out some cash and says, "Wouldn't you want to have this?"

Fred Blassie

Savage takes off his jacket and poses and tells them to double their offer. Blassie then makes the deal of the century. He tells Savage that whatever anyone else offers he will increase by 25 percent and not take a dime until he wins the world heavyweight title. The segment ends with Savage unsure and the managers making fools of themselves trying to obtain his services.

Up next: Pedro Morales, the only man at the time to win the WWF, Intercontinental and tag team championship.

Morales was clearly a star thanks to Vince McMahon Sr., because if it was up to McMahon Jr., he would have had Morales in an islander outfit or working as thug who carries a switchblade, or both.

Pedro Morales

We go to a match where Morales is wrestling a guy in a red mask called "Mr. X." Ventura is doing color commentary. I spent the whole match trying to figure out who was working as Mr. X in this match.

Pedro Morales

I know I didn't see Morales in his prime, but at this stage of his career, I absolutely hated him. He was so boring. And with the exception of Shawn Michaels, left-handed wrestlers are always awkward. Morales won the match with a Boston Crab.

Morales is talking about his matches with Bruno Sammartino, including 1:06 match between he and Sammartino and Shea stadium. Morales says he wants to wrestle Hogan one day, which is about the point where McMahon shuts him up and ends the segment.

In the final segment, we get Hart and Blassie on the couch talking about Savage again.

McMahon is talking about the Manager of the Year awards and posts the address for people to vote on the award.

WWF Manager Of The Year

McMahon says there is a late entry into the Manager of the Year competition. It is Hillbilly Jim, who apparently is managing Uncle Elmer. The mentioning of Jim's name makes Hart and Blassie burst into laughter.

"I got to tell you McMahon, you are a great jokester."

Fred Blassie & Jimmy Hart

Since this is wrestling, of course this means Hillbilly Jim is going to win. As we all know, everyone of the managers would lose out in their efforts to court Savage. Miss Elizabeth would win and launch the WWF career of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

In 1985, Savage was off the charts. There was no stopping him. And although he would never pin Hulk Hogan in the WWF, he would one day deliver on his promise and win the WWF championship.