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XFL ratings decline in third week, continue to hold up better than 2001

The XFL's ratings have continued to decline into the third week of action.

While they remain down, it's nowhere near the catastrophic collapse that the original XFL had, a good sign for the fledgling league.


Game one aired on ABC and averaged 2.051 million viewers, down 4.4 percent from last week's early game. The game averaged a 0.5 in the 18-49 demo (down 16.7 percent) and a 0.4 in 18-34 (down 33.3 percent).

Game two aired on FOX and averaged 1.914 million viewers, down 17.6 percent. The demos held up better, averaging 0.6 in 18-49 and 0.5 in 18-34. Both those numbers were identical to the previous week.

Both games beat all other sports programming for the day, including an NBA game that aired in primetime on ABC. In the demos, both games beat all other programming that aired on network television and the FOX game topped all of television with the ABC game finishing third.


Both games aired on cable television with much lower potential audiences, especially on FS1.

Game one aired on ESPN and averaged 1.473 million viewers. That was down 41 percent from the last time ESPN aired a game but that was in the first week when ratings were up across the board. In the demos, they did a 0.47 in 18-49 and 0.36 in 18-34. Those numbers were down 49.4 percent and 55.6 percent respectively.

Game two aired on FS1 and averaged 1.004 million viewers, down 26 percent from last week in the same time slot on that network. They averaged a 0.37 in 18-49 (down 27.5 percent) and a 0.28 in 18-34 (down 33.3 percent).

There was much heavier sports programming on Sunday with the NBA, PGA Golf, NASCAR, and college basketball all having larger audiences and the NASCAR race from Las Vegas leading the way with just over seven million viewers on FOX.

The games finished sixth and eighth respective on cable TV in the 18-49 demo.

Here's a look at the XFL ratings so far as well as the week-to-week drops. Note that the ESPN game this week is compared to the first week with all other games being compared to the previous week: