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WWE New York Madison Square Garden results: John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

Dec 27, 2015 12:56am

From Mike Omansky

  • Return date announced:  Friday March 25th, 2016 “Road to Wrestlemania”
  • Presale: at box office after show, or at Ticketmaster.  Code: WWELIVE
  • Crowd into most of the show.  Toss-up for best match of the night – Cena-Del Rio, or Owens Ambrose.
  • Co ring announcers for night: Byron Saxton and Jojo

1.       NEVILLE W MIZ, red arrow and pin, in a fast-paced opener. **


WWE Detroit, MI house show results: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus for the WWE Title

Dec 26, 2015 11:56pm

By Kavan Hashemian

*Triple H promo airs on the screen hyping tonight's show

Dolph Ziggler pinned Tyler Breeze w/Summer Rae - 13:17
*Summer Rae was ejected from ringside midway through the match

Goldust pinned Bo Dallas - 2:20
*Bo Dallas cut a promo before the match claiming that his winning streak would begin tonight. After his loss to Goldust, he challenged someone else to come to the ring and attempt to defeat him. 

Vince McMahon will appear on WWE RAW Monday

Dec 26, 2015 3:32pm

Not just John Cena, but Vince McMahon will also be on Raw Monday night from the Barclays Center.

The WWE announced today that McMahon would return to Raw to confront Roman Reigns for giving him the Superman punch two weeks ago.


Monday's Raw sold out with John Cena return

Dec 26, 2015 11:00am

Monday Night's Raw show at the Barclays Center, featuring the return of John Cena, is now officially sold out.

The event sold out yesterday, with 13,000 tickets sold.

Cena vs Albert Del Rio headlines the show.

There has only been one major arena Raw sellout since the last time the company ran the Barclays Center, on Aug. 24, the day after SummerSlam, which was the 11/9 show from Manchester, England.

WWE NXT Breaking Ground, episode 8 recap

WWE NXT Breaking Ground Episode 8: Crossroads; Scott Hall dops by, plus Sami Zayn, Dana Booke, and Apollo Crews

Dec 24, 2015 5:11pm

Breaking Ground Episode 8: Crossroads 

Submitted by: Ryan Pike

Big Takeaway: Tino Sabatelli takes a step backwards, Sami Zayn works on his shoulder rehab, and Dana Brooke gets injured by Asuka's ass on another chaotic episode of Breaking Ground.

Show Recap: As with last week, an unfocused journey through NXT.


WWE Main Event Results: Tyler Breeze and Goldust fail to make the Smackdown card

Dec 24, 2015 3:09pm

Tyler Breeze and Goldust contest the first match of their one-week-old feud on Main Event.


WWE Tribute to the Troops results: Patriotism plus Roman Reigns says "tater tots" again

Dec 23, 2015 8:35pm

WWE Tribute to the Troops from Jacksonville featured patriotic messages and feel-good moments in a stand-alone show with a premise of honoring United States military personnel. A notable aspect of the show was the sponsorship of Coca-Cola, which is a first for WWE. Coca-Cola was the main sponsor along with USAA, a financial services group serving the US military.

Sami Zayn

WWE NXT TV results: Sami Zayn returns in London

Dec 23, 2015 6:06pm

Former NXT Champion Sami Zayn officially returned to action.

Ricky Steamboat

WWF Tuesday Night Titans episode 44 recap: Ricky Steamboat gets choked out

Dec 22, 2015 6:09pm

WWF Tuesday Night Titans comes to an end...for now anyway.

WWE Smackdown live results: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dec 22, 2015 2:31pm

It's WWE Week on USA Network which means a live Smackdown.