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WWE NXT TakeOver Brooklyn conference call audio and notes: Triple H on Ring of Honor, more

Here's the full audio of Triple H's regular conference call he does before big WWE NXT shows. On the docket today, HHH talked for 32 minutes about this Saturday's TakeOver show in Brooklyn, NY.

Some highlights, transcribed by Josh Nason:

- He talked about the decision to run Brooklyn and use the entire venue as opposed to curtaining off part of the building.

- He talked about the card, what will make up the two-hour special. He mentioned the rest of the show that won't be seen on Saturday will be used for the next week's TV in a special 90-minute episode.

- He talked about a contest called WWE Performance Center All-Access. 40 people will get the opportunity to go through the experience, to meet NXT wrestlers, promo classes, etc. Tickets will go on sale Monday at NXTTickets.com. He didn't diclose pricing, but said it's a once in a lifetime deal.

- He was asked about pairing specials with major PPVs or keeping them every three months. They are looking at all options. 

- He put over that WWE sold out Barclays three straight nights which makes a big statement toward anyone that makes comments about the strength of the brand.

- He talked about when talent gets brought up to WWE and how it keeps the NXT brand fresh when that happens. With talent, he says that he doesn't care about where talent comes from (indies, former NFLers, etc). He said talent being called up is a challenge, but he's up for it.

- He discussed having Bayley vs. Sasha Banks as the double main event for the show and what means for the female talent.

- He was asked about targeting Ring of Honor and if he sees them as competition considering they've gone head-to-head with them in a few markets. He said he was unaware ROH was running Texas as the same time as they did and the same with Saturday. He said there's no targeting going on and that they are solely focused on their business. He said the indies are crucial to their business, and that he doesn't want to see anyone fail. He never mentioned ROH by name.

- He was asked about scouting for Canadian talent and went into a little bit about his recruiting team and approach. He gave Lance Storm a shoutout, but said it's irrelevant where talent comes from.

- He was asked about if there was a friendly rivalry within the company when it comes to NXT and WWE internally. He said everyone's excited all around from tickets to merch to more. He mentioned visiting the UK and how that will be important to them. No timeframe was given for that.

Check out the audio below for the full details:

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