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NXT Cocoa, FL, live results: Cole & O'Reilly vs. Heavy Machinery

Images: JJ Williams

Last night's estimated attendance: 300 people.

- Raul Mendoza defeated Lio Rush (w/ Babatunde Aiyegbusi)

The crowd was hot for this one, doing dueling chants and giving Babatunde the business at ringside. Mendoza scored a roll-up victory to upset Rush.

- Lacey Evans defeated Kacy Catanzaro

Evans won with the Woman's Right. This was another impressive athletic showing from Catanzaro.

- Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Brennan Williams & Christopher Dijak

Hard-hitting action here with Lorcan and Burch hitting a double-team plant DDT to win.

- Kairi Sane defeated Aliyah

Sane used her flying elbow drop to end this.

- War Raiders defeated TM61

War Raiders got the victory with an Impressive springboard clothesline/elevated suplex combo.

- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Mars Wang

The fans were all over Ciampa, who had no interest in taking Wang seriously. Ciampa scored the definitive win and then proceeded to place Mars in the Gargano Escape.

- Marcel Barthel did an in-ring interview until he was interrupted by Kona Reeves. They were both then destroyed by Lars Sullivan.

- Dakota Kai defeated Bianca Belair

One of the better matches these two have each had on the Florida loop. Belair dominated with power moves, including a standing Glam Slam and used the torture rack before Kai could unleash a barrage of kicks. Kai hit her sunset flip backcracker for the win.

- Heavy Machinery defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly by DQ

They had an entertaining match with good action while it lasted. Undisputed Era refused to stop double teaming and the bell was called for.

After the match, Otis Dozovic said he was sick of Cole and his cheap shots and wants a North American title shot at this Saturday's house show in Orlando.