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NXT Green Bay, WI, live results: Bobby Roode vs. Kassius Ohno

Submitted by reader Josh Hayes

- Johnny Gargano defeated Velveteen Dream

Gargano was super over as a babyface. Dream was booed initially, but the crowd turned around on him as they had a great match. Gargano sold for a while before making his comeback. There was some quick back and forth that ended with Velveteen Dream missing his top rope elbow drop and Gargano putting him in the Gargano Escape for the win.

- Ruby Riot defeated Mandy Rose

Rose was pretty over here despite not getting TV time, but the crowd loved Riot. Rose has seemed to improve a lot and they did some good back and forth. Rose started trash talking and saying that Riot would never look like her, then the finish came out of nowhere as Riot hit her up-kick for the victory.

- Roderick Strong defeated Hideo Itami

They had an awesome match, doing hard-hitting chops, kicks, forearms, and elbows. The audience was really into Strong, though Itami didn't get much of a heel response. Itami went for the GTS, then Strong got out of it and hit the End of Heartache for the win.

- Aleister Black & Drew McIntyre defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas & Cezar Bononi

Black and McIntyre got huge reactions. Almas got a bit of a reaction and Bononi didn't get much. The heel team acted as reluctant tag partners and refused to tag the other in.

The match started slow, but the crowd was into it by the end. Almas and Bononi agreed to work together and got the heat on Black, which led to him making a comeback and getting the hot tag to McIntyre. McIntyre backdropped Black to the top so that he could hit his moonsault to the floor on Almas, with McIntyre hitting the Claymore Kick on Bononi for the win.

Black and McIntyre celebrated as McIntyre got huge babyface love from the crowd.

- McIntyre talked to Kassius Ohno about beating Bobby Roode in their upcoming match during a backstage segment after intermission.

- Ember Moon defeated Sonya Deville

Deville seemed to still be really green. Moon hit The Eclipse to win.

- SAnitY (Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe) defeated Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery were super over, with Otis Dozovic wearing a Reggie White Packers jersey. Him and Tucker Knight put their opponents in bear hugs early on as each one got a bigger pop. That led to chants of "Bear Hug City."

This was a fun match. The heels got the heat on Dozovic until Knight got a hot tag. Killian Dain took off a top turnbuckle pad during the match, which played into the finish. Dozovic was going for a Vader Bomb on Wolfe when Young yanked his foot and his head hit the exposed buckle. Wolfe then rolled him up for the win.

- NXT Champion Bobby Roode defeated Kassius Ohno to retain his title

Both guys were over and they had a great back-and-forth match. It started with mat wrestling early on as Ohno got the best of it. Roode tried to take the belt and leave, but Ohno went after him.

Ohno went for his hurricane kick at one point, but Roode moved out of the way and Ohno hit the ref. Ohno hit the rolling elbow for a visual three count, then Roode kicked out at two as a second ref came in. The second ref went to check on the first one, allowing Roode to low blow Ohno and hit the Glorious DDT for the win.

Ohno cut a promo after the match saying that he was fired three years ago, but he never gave up on himself. He noted that he beat Roode in a tag match the previous night in Milwaukee and almost beat him at this show. He said that he will never quit until he's NXT Champion.