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NXT Orlando, FL, live results: Ricochet vs. Raul Mendoza

Images: JJ Williams

Last night's estimate attendance: 400 people.

- No Way Jose defeated Mars

Mars, who is one of WWE's recruits from China, was making his debut. Jose won with the pop-up punch.

- Sage Beckett defeated Zeda

Beckett used a sit-out slam to win.

- Jessie Elaban welcomed Brennan Williams as her guest on "The Jessie Show" before they were interrupted by Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss. Sabbatelli and Moss challenged Williams to find a partner to face them later in the show.

- Chad Lail defeated Rocky

Lail hit a slam to pick up the victory.

- Danny Burch defeated Tian Bing

Burch submitted him with a crossface.

- Roderick Strong defeated Marcel Barthel

The crowd loved Strong. The match had very good back-and-forth action, with Strong finally catching Barthel in the Strong Hold for the submission.

- Ricochet defeated Raul Mendoza

As you would expect, there was excellent action here. They used their speed and did transitions into everything, getting the crowd to chant "This is awesome" very early on.

Mendoza hit a dive to the outside at one point, but Ricochet won with the Cradle Shock.

- Brennan Williams & Babatunde Aiyegbusi defeated Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Aiyegbusi ended up being Williams' partner and teamed with him to get the win.

- SAnitY (Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe & Nikki Cross) defeated Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler & Reina Gonzalez

There was wild action all over the place. Cross did a dive onto a pile, Dain ran wild and crushed Blake and Cutler in the corner, and Wolfe hit a big powerbomb to score the win and send everyone home happy.