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NXT UK results: Banks vs. Devlin falls count anywhere match

The show started off with a tribute graphic for King Kong Bundy. A video recapped Travis Banks being attacked by Jordan Devlin at UK TakeOver: Blackpool, along with the double countout finish and post-match brawl from their last meeting. Their brawls were shown to convey how personal things have become between them.

Vic Joseph welcomed us to the show before Ligero came down to face Joseph Conners, who cut a selfie promo talking about their history and his last loss being a fluke. While Conners entered, Ligero's selfie promo was about debunking that claim.

Ligero defeated Joseph Conners

Ligero got a headlock, was shoved off, and landed a running rana. A single-leg running dropkick gave Ligero another edge before Conners just hoisted him up and threw him over the top rope to the floor. Conners clubbed away at the neck and got two off a tilt-a-whirl.

Conners dominated with strikes for a bit. Ligero fought from the bottom briefly, but he ate a lariat for two. A slam and elbow also got two for Conners. He clubbed Ligero's back before applying a surfboard. Conners got two off a cradle, then a giant jumping DDT got a near fall. A back suplex facebuster got another near fall for Conners.

Ligero reversed out of a suplex and used Drago's Dragon's Tail cradle to get the pin. Ligero wanted a handshake after the match, but Conners nixed that and sauntered off while Ligero soaked in the cheers.

Toni Storm cut a promo about the NXT UK women's division being strong and her being on top of the world. The camera lingered on Jinny walking into the arena.

Wild Boar and Primate were given a hype video and came off as almost like a modern-day version of the Moondogs.

The members of Gallus cut a promo about being disrespected and taking out Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. Their goal is to take out WALTER and make NXT UK their kingdom.

WALTER was asked about that. He stared blankly at the interviewer and left.

Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel defeated Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley

Nigel McGuinness quoted Stoker and Howley talking about their good looks and ability to kick ass at the same time. Barthel's posing -- and especially his arrogant smirking -- are very reminiscent of William Regal's early WCW work.

Aichner powered Howley down with a giant pop-up powerslam. Stoker then came in to eat a slew of chops before Barthel entered. Stoker tagged in Howley for a couple of chops before Barthel ran wild.

Stoker came in and got slapped around before fighting back against both men with elbows and forearms. Aichner and Barthel sent Howley shoulder-first into the post and hit a double dropkick. Aichner landed a giant double-team variant on a pop-up powerslam that did a great job of impressing the "WWE NXT UK Universe," according to Vic Joseph, in as organic a statement as one will ever hear on WWE TV.

A double-team powerbomb/uppercut combo got the win for Aichner and Barthel, who looked incredibly impressive and should get a UK TakeOver title shot sooner rather than later.

A video package showcasing Nina Samuels' skills aired, then Kay Lee Ray got a video showing off what she did in the Mae Young Classic.

Charlie Morgan came down to face Samuels, who posed dramatically in front of her tron. Samuels has remarkable poise with her posing and turns all attention to her when she's on screen.

Nina Samuels defeated Charlie Morgan

Samuels worked the arm to start, but Morgan went for a sunset flip that was countered by a lift-up and a cradle for two. Samuels worked on the neck for a bit, but she ate a kneeling superkick.

Morgan hit a run-up spotlight kick to stun Samuels. Samuels caught her off a springboard and landed the ushigoroshi to win.

Pete Dunne talked about being able to work with WALTER to take on Gallus. A Johnny Saint tweet said that the Coffey brothers will face Dunne & WALTER in next week's main event.

Jeff Jarrett shook hands with fans in the crowd ahead of the main event. Banks came down first and brawled with Devlin the second he walked down the aisle.

Jordan Devlin defeated Travis Banks in a falls count anywhere match

Banks landed a snap suplex on the floor for a quick one count. They brawled in the crowd before going up the steps and fighting in the upper deck area. It's been a long time since this has been done on WWE and feels like a touch of Lucha Underground in its heyday.

Devlin was smacked off a ledge and sent down to the floor. Banks dove off the ledge onto him for two. They brawled with a chair for a bit and made their way into the ring, with Banks landing a flurry of round kicks to the chest and a superkick to the jaw.

Banks went for a low tope and ate a chair while getting his hands up. Devlin worked on Banks' knee to prevent more kicks and threw him hard into the buckle. They fought on the apron, where Devlin landed a series of uppercuts. Devlin went for a Spanish Fly off the apron, but he was tossed onto the chair. Banks got a double stomp to the back for two.

Banks hit a shotgun dropkick on Devlin, who hit the referee. Devlin got flipped into the corner awkwardly into a knee strike. Banks landed a Kiwi Crusher, but there was no ref to make the count.

Devlin landed a big headbutt and a PRIDE stomp to the jaw. A moonsault landed and got 2.9. A big "Kiwi Buzzsaw" chant broke out for Banks, who was muscled into the corner and propped up top. Devlin landed a superplex, but Banks powered up and landed a desperation Kiwi Crusher for two.

Wrist tape was removed as they exchanged slaps and forearms, with Banks clubbing away quickly. Devlin landed a series of shots to the stomach, but he couldn't follow up and ate a Slice of Heaven kick.

Devlin rolled to the floor and Banks set up a table. Devlin charged at him, but Banks evaded and Devlin hit the steps -- where Banks stomped on the leg just like Devlin did to him. 

Banks double stomped the knee and got a standing ankle lock. Devlin rolled through and sent Banks into the barricade rib-first. They fought on the apron. Banks wanted a Kiwi Crusher, but Devlin landed a Spanish Fly off the apron and through the table to win.

This was a tremendous match and an absolute war. As a show-long story, they told you the past, gave you the present, and it led to you wanting to see each man excel in the future. With Devlin, you can set up a future title match with a babyface opponent. And with Banks, you can have him battle a heel champion easily.