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NXT UK results: Dunne & WALTER team against The Coffeys

Quick results --

Wolfgang pinned Flash Morgan Webster, while Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams were successful against Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone.

Kay Lee Ray made her NXT UK debut and quickly beat Candy Floss. Noam Dar also made his presence on the brand known and got on Mark Andrews' bad side.

In the main event, WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne & WALTER beat the Coffey Brothers in a very good match that led to a dramatic scene between Dunne and WALTER as the show went off the air.

Full rundown --

- Sid Scala and Johnny Saint entered the arena and were stopped by a reporter asking them what to expect. They said Kay Lee Ray would make her debut and WALTER would team with Pete Dunne to take on the Coffey Brothers. After the opening, a graphic of that match was shown.

Wolfgang pinned Flash Morgan Webster in 5:25 after the Caber Toss

Webster started off strong with quick offense but was stopped once Wolfgang threw him into the turnbuckles and took over. After some minutes of being pummeled, Webster came back with consecutive dives on Wolfgang, including a somersault plancha.

Back in the ring, Webster hit a somersault senton on a crouching Wolfgang. The big Scot tried some sort of aerial attack as well, but an enzuigiri from Webster sent him toppling to ringside.

Webster tried swinging around the post with a kick, but he got caught and slammed to the mats at ringside and powerbombed into the post. After that, Wolfgang hit the Caber Toss for the victory.

That was not enough for Wolfgang, as he shoved the referee aside and attacked Webster some more until he was finally sent out of the ring. He jaw-jacked with a fan before going to the back.

- A graphic announced that we'd hear from Kassius Ohno next.

- A short highlight clip on the Coffey Brothers aired.

- Ohno said that it was mind-blowing that the guy to bring an authentic European style to NXT UK was an American. He said he had rounds matches in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK and stood toe to toe with the likes of William Regal and Robbie Brookside.

Ohno said the current guys grew up on Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and not Marty Jones. He said they'd experience British wrestling at his hands.

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams defeated Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone in 5:57 after Jordan hit the Swanton Bomb-ay on Huxley

Williams and Huxley started out, and as the bigger man pummeled Williams, he quickly found himself on the lower end of a lucha-style roll-up. The faces briefly dominated both their opponents -- until Jordan found himself in the bad guys' corner and was hit by a hard clothesline by T-Bone on a distraction.

T-Bone worked Jordan over for a few minutes, but Jordan was able to hit an enzuigiri and made the hot tag.

Williams ran wild on both heels, including hitting a bulldog on Huxley into the turnbuckle. Williams and Jordan then hit stereo dives on both men on opposite sides of the ring. Williams took Huxley down and Jordan hit the Swanton Bomb-ay for the win.

- A video on future NXT UK tapings in April, July, and at Download Festival aired.

- Jinny was being interviewed. She said she was sick and tired of hearing Toni Storm's name. She doesn't care about Storm -- she only cares about the NXT UK Women's title. She ended the interview and walked off in disgust.

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness discussed Jinny's statement, then transitioned into a video on Eddie Dennis.

- Dennis said he'd face Ligero next week -- a man who he respects, but who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He'll be the victim of the "Malevolent Welshman" Eddie Dennis.

Noam Dar promo

Dar walked to the ring for a promo. He said he was back in NXT UK and was here to stay. Dar said he kept an eye on the brand. It has been doing pretty well and it will do better when they take the show to the "most beautiful place in the UK" -- Glasgow, Scotland.

Dar mocked the crowd as they started booing. He said the roster had been doing an okay job, but the brand needed him. He said the contract was signed and he was here to stay, unlike other UK wrestlers who went to 205 Live and were sent packing.

Mark Andrews, who was one of the names Dar mentioned as failing on 205 Live, came out and was upset. As Dar was looking to cheap shot him, Andrews attacked him and sent him packing.

- A promo taped at the NXT UK Performance Center with Xia Brookside aired. She said her name had at times made it difficult for her. She said she hated bullies and the biggest bully was Rhea Ripley and she'd not be bullied around anymore.

- A graphic announced Kay Lee Ray's debut was next.

- A video package on The Wild Boar and Primate aired and promised the hunt would begin next week.

- A short highlight video on Pete Dunne and WALTER aired.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Candy Floss in 2:18 after a Widow's Peak Slam

Kay Lee Ray started out with arm twists and ringers, then applied a keylock and rammed Candy Floss into the corner. She kept working the arm and had Candy in pain. Candy rolled her up, but she quickly got overwhelmed again.

Kay Lee Ray hit a chop, a crescent kick, and then a Widow's Peak into a face slam for the quick win.

- Moustache Mountain talked about their progress in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They called out the Grizzled Young Veterans for their rematch.

- A graphic plugged the main event.

- Sid Scala announced Tyler Bate vs. James Drake as next week's main event.

WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne & WALTER beat The Coffey Brothers in 16:20 after WALTER powerbombed Mark Coffey for the pin

The Coffeys came out with Wolfgang, while WALTER and Dunne entered separately. Dunne and Mark Coffey started out -- and Dunne quickly started working over Mark's wrist and arm.

Mark tried the same, but Dunne escaped and punished Mark. WALTER asked for a tag and got it, then demonstrated how to properly separate a man from his arm. He brushed off a chop by Mark, who tagged out to his brother.

WALTER escaped from a side headlock, then egged Joe on to try and shoulder block him down. On the third attempt, WALTER swung into the ropes, then quickly applied a Gojira clutch before easily tackling Joe to the mat.

Dunne came in, but WALTER quickly wanted back in and had his way. As the future opponents took turns chopping Joe, they faced off but quickly got attacked again. They hit stereo slams on both Coffeys onto the apron before facing off in the ring again.

WALTER took over on Joe before Dunne came back in again and swiftly hit a dropkick to Joe's knee. Dunne went for a surfboard, but he settled on driving Joe's knees down into the mat. A blind tag by Mark led to him hitting a German suplex on a surprised Dunne. Joe rammed WALTER into the barricades on the outside.

The heels took turns working Dunne over in the ring as WALTER slowly got back up on the apron. After a backbreaker by Joe, Mark stomped a fallen Dunne. Dunne briefly recovered to hit a snap German on Mark. Dunne could not make the tag, but he managed to do so seconds later.

WALTER ran wild on both Coffeys, breaking a double clothesline to hit a lariat and a leaping Gojira clutch, a running big boot, a German, and a sit-down splash all in short succession. Joe hit a German on WALTER, but he quickly was slammed to the mat with a huge uranage overhead slam.

Dunne was back in and Joe tried for a step-up back body press, but he got punched out of mid-air by Dunne. Mark hit a Polish Hammer on Dunne, but WALTER blind tagged in and hit a shotgun dropkick, a butterfly suplex, and finally locked in a Boston crab while Dunne hit a plancha on Joe at ringside.

Joe tried chopping WALTER, who didn't flinch but released the hold and chopped a hole in Joe's chest. The Coffeys managed to hit a kind of Doomsday Device, prompting Dunne to make the save.

As WALTER had Mark in a Gojira clutch, Joe tried to pull him to safety -- but the power of WALTER led to Joe actually getting pulled over the rope into the ring and ending up in a waist lock by his brother. Dunne snapped Joe's fingers on the top rope and WALTER hit a huge double German suplex on both Coffeys.

As chaos broke out, Joe grabbed the UK title and went to hit Dunne with it but got thwarted. Mark picked up the title and went to hit Dunne with it. Dunne moved as WALTER went for a big boot that hit Mark, who was swiftly powerbombed for the victory.

The announcers speculated on whether WALTER was aiming the boot at Dunne or was actually trying to save him from the attack.

WALTER and Dunne faced off with the UK title on the mat between them. As Dunne went to slowly pick it up, WALTER stepped on it, then picked it up, looked at it for a long time, and finally handed it to Dunne before walking off.

Next week --

Tyler Bate faces James Drake, Eddie Dennis takes on Ligero, and Kassius Ohno aims to teach the NXT UK roster about the proper British style of wrestling.