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WWE 205 Live results: Alexander & Ali vs. Gulak & Daivari

A recap of Cedric Alexander's journey to his upcoming title shot against Enzo Amore on Raw started things off. Backstage, Alexander asked Drew Gulak (who was looking at his phone) if he was waiting for his boss to call. Gulak asked why Sasha Banks would be calling him and said he's waiting on Amore.

Alexander questioned Gulak's friendship with Amore, with Gulak telling him that he should be concerned about facing Gulak & Ariya Daivari tonight. Alexander talked about how 205 Live would be better without Amore as champion and said that Gulak should be happy that Amore isn't here tonight because now he can't mock his PowerPoint presentations -- and that will make for a better 205 Live for everyone.

Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph ran down tonight's card, which will feature Tony Nese vs. Akira Tozawa and Alexander teaming with Mustafa Ali against Gulak & Daivari. Hideo Itami's destruction of Brian Kendrick from Raw was shown with him smashing Kendrick's face with the GTS. Itami faces Gallagher tonight, and this should be tremendous.

Hideo Itami defeated Jack Gallagher 

Gallagher used brute force to get Itami into the rope and slapped him, but Itami responded with knees to the gut and a variety of kicks to the back. Itami used knees to the head and demanded that Gallagher respect him. Itami trapped him in the rope and hit a diving leg drop to a draping Gallagher.

Gallagher tripped him up and stomped away on his head by trapping it in the ring skirt. Gallagher dominated by grinding away on the mat and rubbing his knee into Itami's jaw in the corner. Gallagher got a cravate, but Itami got two off a backslide. Itami ducked a lariat and hit a dragon screw and a release fisherman's suplex.

A tornado DDT neck snap allowed Itami to hit a flying lariat for two. A spinning back-fist sent Gallagher into the corner, but he avoided a hesitation dropkick. Gallagher got the Captain's Hook, but Itami escaped. A KENTA combo sent Gallagher into the corner before Itami locked on a grounded Octopus hold to win it.

We were shown a recap of Amore and his goons beating up Nese a few weeks ago. Nese talked about the beatdown and wanting to lay them out, but he understands that Amore is a big star and he likes the money. Tozawa asked if Nese is on the train or off it before Nese laid him out. Nese bragged about his abs and mocked Tozawa before their match.

Tony Nese defeated Akira Tozawa

Tozawa started off fast with a high kick and a strike flurry. After some back and forth, Nese ate a Penalty Kick and a senton. Nese avoided a suicide dive by hitting a jumping kick and then took over. He got two off a series of leg drops, then attacked the back and locked on a long chinlock.

Nese went for a suplex, but Tozawa turned it into a snap brainbuster and sent him to the outside with an elbow smash. The suicide dive hit for Tozawa, but Nese ended up landing a Michinoku driver for two. Nese ate a pair of forearms, but he pushed Tozawa into a Bull Hammer and cradled him after a strike exchange.

Tozawa kicked Nese down and went for the senton, but Nese stopped him and dropped him in the corner before finishing him off with a running knee.

Amore and Nia Jax's mistletoe kiss being stopped before it could happen on Raw was shown and Amore's title match with Alexander was hyped up for next Monday. Gulak entered and hyped up a best of 2017 PowerPoint presentation! Alexander's theme interrupted the presentation and McGuinness demanded to know who's in charge of the music. Alexander and Ali mocked Gulak for a bit and did a wacky double thumbs up.

Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali defeated Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari 

Ali and Daivari started things off, with Daivari hitting a back kick to the gut in the corner. Ali attacked until Daivari brought Gulak in. Alexander came in and went to work with an armbar. Ali then came in and ate a rabbit lariat after Daivari kicked him on the apron. Gulak sent him down with a neckbreaker and he ate a series of corner double teams while a loud "Ali" chant broke out.

Alexander got a tag and hit a double missile dropkick. A spinning back elbow sent Gulak down, but Daivari prevented the Neuralizer. Daivari wore Alexander down with a figure four before Gulak got two off of it. Alexander hit the outside-in springing flatliner and tagged in Ali, who ran wild.

A big dive to Daivari led to a rolling X-Factor for two. Daivari put Ali up top, much to the chagrin of Gulak. Alexander hit a Lumbar Check on Gulak, Ali kicked Daivari down, and Ali used the 054 to end it. It felt kind of odd to give Ali the win here, but maybe this is to set up Amore retaining and then Ali being his next challenger.