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WWE 205 Live results: Alexander & Ali vs. Murphy & Nese

Drake Maverick hyped up this week's first-time ever match between Noam Dar and Mike Kanellis, with it being a chance for Dar to redeem himself from last week's loss. For Kanellis, it's a chance to carve out a niche for himself.

Hideo Itami also returns in a match to showcase his skills, while Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander team up to face Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese in the main event. The latter team was shown off as being incredibly dominant.

Mike came down and Gran Metalik was shown defeating TJP last week before Maria Kanellis distracted Metalik and Mike jumped him. Dar entered and Mike and Maria mocked his goofy walk and pose.

Noam Dar defeated Mike Kanellis

Mike bullied Dar into the corner and blew a kiss to Maria. Dar said "hi" to her a bunch in a variety of annoying and great ways. He kicked Mike's leg out from under him, leading to a brawl on the floor. Maria distracted Dar so Mike could beat him up.

Mike hit a spinebuster before the Lucha House Party and their pinata came down. Kalisto hit a Listo Kick and Dar landed the lightning kick to win. Nigel McGuinness rightfully pointed out that this was a sneak attack and Mike had the odds against him. 

Backstage, Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa trained with pads to prepare for a future match, with Tozawa casually smacking Kendrick to fire him up.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher chatted about Kendrick becoming lazy. Gallagher called Kendrick a cumberground before explaining it. Gulak called Kendrick a homeless-looking Leonardo DiCaprio. Gulak will face Kendrick next week.

Itami came down looking more surly than usual.

Hideo Itami defeated Levy Cruise

The weekly jobber got his own graphic this week, which was nice. Itami rushed at him and landed a running knee to the stomach before kicking his spine. Itami landed a diving knee to the neck of his draped opponent before hitting the hesitation dropkick in the corner and the 2018 GTS for the win.

Itami landed some ground and pound punches until Ariya Daivari came out. Daivari joined him in beating up Cruise and said he respects Itami -- so I guess 205 Live has another tag team now.

TJP asked Maverick why he's not getting a title shot -- and Maverick said that it's due to him losing last week to Metalik. TJP mocked Maverick for his urinary troubles before Mike came in and Maria told TJP that he can't move on until he's done with Mike's business. Maria wanted them to get a tag match with the LHP, and Maverick made a tornado tag match between the Lucha House Party and Mike & TJP. A Lucha House Party highlight video aired to build this up.

Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese

Alexander outwrestled Nese to start things off and hit a handspring headscissors and a dropkick for two. Murphy and Ali came in briefly for a rana before Alexander hit a PK on Nese for two. Murphy blind tagged in and hit a bicycle knee for two. Ali tagged in and got a crossbody off the top onto both men before landing an apron high kick to Murphy.

A middle rope sunset flip into a Liger Bomb got two for Ali. Ali avoided the running suplex, but he ate an elbow and a kick sent Ali to the floor.

Nese came in to wear Ali down more before Murphy came back in and kicked Ali's back for two. Murphy hit a big lariat for a near fall before Nese tagged back in. Ali tried to bring Alexander in, but Murphy pulled him down. Nese ran through Ali and got two.

Ali landed a spinning wheel kick, giving him an opening to tag Alexander in. Alexander squared off with Nese and a springboard flatliner got two. The heels went for double impact, but Alexander shoved Nese into the ropes and tagged Ali in for a Tower of Doom -- but Ali and Murphy went down.

Alexander hit a flip dive to Nese before Ali hit a springboard DDT to Murphy. Alexander tagged himself in during the move, then hit a Lumbar Check on Murphy for the win.