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WWE 205 Live results: Alexander & Nese face off in tournament finals

Tony Nese and Cedric Alexander's journeys through the number one contender's tournament were recapped to start off the show.

Mike Kanellis came down with Maria. Mike has fully shaved his head now -- and it's a huge improvement for his look as a whole. Maria cut a promo putting Mike over and got a mild reaction, so she called the fans lazy, disrespectful, and rude -- just like Drake Maverick.

Akira Tozawa entered to face Mike while Maria scowled on disapprovingly. Nigel McGuinness said it's a shame that Mike is in a must-win situation, while Aiden English said that Mike deserves it for losing so much.

Mike Kanellis defeated Akira Tozawa

Tozawa bullied Mike around a bit before getting flash cradled for two. Tozawa landed a standing senton for two and went for a suicide dive, but Mike hit a superkick and got two. McGuinness talked about Mike being frustrated that it took him 16 years to make it to WWE and said he wishes things had gone better for him.

Tozawa landed a snap rana and a shining wizard before hitting a gorgeous missile front dropkick for two. He got the Iron Octopus, but Mike escaped and landed a spinebuster for two. They fought up top and Mike hit a super landslide for two.

Mike slapped himself and Maria told him to put Tozawa in his place. Mike hit a series of elbows, but Tozawa avoided Cross Rhodes and hit a tornado kick. He went for the senton off the top. Maria blocked him, so Tozawa just went to the other side. Mike got his knees up and hit Cross Rhodes to win.

Alexander was asked about his mindset tonight and said he's confident -- because last year, he was in the same spot and won. Murphy and Nese came in, with Nese saying he's faced off with Alexander before -- and he's better than ever, while Alexander is the same.

Murphy said Alexander was good enough to become champion, but not good enough to keep it. Nese said he's not a sidekick. Alexander brought up what will happen to Nese and Murphy's friendship if Nese wins -- and Nese feigned not being insulted by Alexander calling him Murphy's sidekick.

Next week, the Lucha House Party face Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo.

Tony Nese defeated Cedric Alexander in the number one contender's tournament finals

Nese worked Alexander over for a while with a variety of arm locks on the mat. Alexander ducked a springboard moonsault and hit a springboard crossbody for two. He got a far too loose handstand headscissors, but Nese bumped for it anyway.

Alexander got a chinlock and a basement hesitation dropkick for two. He went for an apron PK, but Nese tripped him up and trapped his knee in the buckle. McGuinness talked about Alexander hurting his knee in prior matches and this being a perfect way to attack.

Nese hit a flying forearm and worked on the jaw for a bit. A Northern Lights suplex hit for Nese before Alexander landed a dropkick to the knee and then another to the jaw. Nese's pumphandle Michinoku driver hit for two. It was a great near fall in theory and execution, but the crowd had no reaction for it at all.

Nese got two off a rope-trapped double-jump moonsault. This had the best set up of that kind of spot in ages, with Alexander flailing around to try and reach the other rope with one hand to get a solid grip. 

Alexander hit a slash Michinoku driver for two. They each fought up top and punched one another off to the floor, leading to a "please don't die" chant. They both came in at 9.5 -- and their legs got caught up going for superkicks. Alexander escaped and hit a superkick for two.

Nese avoided a superplex and kicked Alexander down for a 450 and got two. Nese trapped him in the corner for the Running Nese, but Alexander hit a Spanish Fly for two. The Lumbar Check hit for 2.999! That got the crowd on their feet with a "this is awesome" chant -- and McGuinness said that other than Nese, the only man to kick out of that move is Murphy himself.

Alexander went for another one, but Nese got a victory roll and was countered for two. Nese landed a running knee and then hit the corner Running Nese to win it. Nese is going to WrestleMania to challenge for Murphy's Cruiserweight Championship.

Nese and Alexander shook hands after the match. Murphy hugged Nese and told him to look at the WrestleMania sign -- then hit Nese with a V-Trigger when he turned around. Well, that's what he gets for trying to point to the sign -- let it be a lesson to him that no good comes from it.

Murphy stood atop Nese to close the show.