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WWE 205 Live results: Alexander vs. Itami title match

Hideo Itami's rise to tonight's Cruiserweight title shot was chronicled, complete with Cedric Alexander demanding a match with him to defeat a legend. Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson talked about the journey Itami has taken to get the title shot.

Kalisto came out with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. Tony Nese was out next and counted his abs. He still has eight reasons why he's better than everyone. Since he's outnumbered, he brought out Buddy Murphy as well.

Kalisto (w/ Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado) defeated Tony Nese (w/ Buddy Murphy) by DQ

Nese backflipped mid-ring and pointed to his bicep. He locked on a bodyscissors, but Kalisto escaped and hit an apron high kick. He slightly missed the twister off the second rope but landed a spinning headscissors. A springboard crossbody got two for Kalisto.

Nese got a go-behind and used it to throw Kalisto against the ropes for a big forearm shot. Nese then hit a rampage bomb in the corner. They fought on the floor, and Murphy brawled with the rest of the Lucha House Party and Kalisto for a disqualification. 

Drake Maverick welcomed Noam Dar back. And between Drake's horrid striped get-up and Dar's top having every color known to man on it, this was blinding. TJP came in and said this brand is about competition, and a mystery opponent makes 205 Live nothing but a game show. Maverick made a match between them next week so TJP can prove it was just a fluke.

An Itami training video was shown that highlighted the nasty scar on his arm and also his striking prowess.

Lio Rush put jewelry on backstage to prepare for his match. He came out to face Colin Delaney, but Akira Tozawa interrupted.

Lio Rush defeated Colin Delaney

Rush got a chair for Tozawa, but Delaney got a schoolboy for two. Rush hit a gorgeous handspring kick on the apron to send Delaney to the floor. The Final Hour frog splash hit and won it for Rush. He looked to Tozawa, who seemed impressed by him. Tozawa told Rush that he's done nothing and asked if he really wants to fight Tozawa. Maverick came down and made a match between them for next week's show.

A recap of Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali was shown.

Drew Gulak, Brian Kendrick, and Jack Gallagher were backstage, with Drew saying he doesn't like selfies -- but this is the only way to reach the youth now and he will be watching tonight's main event closely.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander defeated Hideo Itami to retain his title

Alexander backed Itami into the ropes but got pie-faced. He sent Itami down with a dropkick and nipped up. He demanded that Itami show him something, so he slapped him and Itami slapped back. Itami kicked the daylights out of his chest and back. Itami came up with a bloody mouth off a slap.

Itami kicked away on a kneeling Alexander and sent him down hard. Itami locked a bodyscissors on before putting on a chinlock. Alexander fought out but ate a knee to the gut.  Alexander sent Itami in the corner and hit a running tackle and a high kick.

Alexander landed a big forearm to the jaw on the apron, and a flip dive hit hard on the floor. Alexander avoided a GTS and hit a Neuralyzer for two. A back-and-forth forearm exchange led to Itami avoiding a spinning back elbow and landing a sick palm strike.

Itami went to remove the bottom buckle pad but got cradled for two. Itami was sent outside and hit his head on the ring post connector.

Itami hit the hesitation dropkick against the steps! He rolled Alexander up but was only able to get 2.9. Itami avoided the Lumbar Check and hit two spinning back fists, but Alexander got a Lumbar Check out of nowhere to win it.