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WWE 205 Live results: Alexander vs. Kanellis, TJP vs. Carrillo

The show began with Drake Maverick, who was dressed like an orange, recapping Buddy Murphy's win over Akira Tozawa from Elimination Chamber.

Maverick announced that an eight-man tournament for a Cruiserweight title shot against Murphy will begin next week -- and the winner of the tournament faces Murphy at WrestleMania.

TJP faces Humberto Carrillo in this week's opener, while Cedric Alexander takes on Mike Kanellis in the main event. TJP entered before Carrillo came down in new red and black gear. With the redone gear, Carrillo is beginning to look like a star.

Humberto Carrillo defeated TJP

Things started off quickly with fast-paced matwork before Carrillo hit a stunning arm drag. TJP began working on the arm after grabbing Carrillo's arm and slamming it to the mat mid-move. TJP dropkicked the left elbow and then hit a hesitation dropkick from a tree-of-woe position for two.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher looked on impressed with the matwork of TJP. TJP and Carrillo each missed a series of kicks before Carrillo landed a tornado kick and a giant dive to the floor. Carrillo hit a trio of kicks to the chest and jaw before a running double-jump moonsault got two.

TJP locked on an STF with a Gargano Escape-style crossface. Carrillo escaped and hit a nice missile dropkick on the apron after rocking TJP with a forearm shiver. The handstand Arabian press hit and got the win for Carrillo.

This was good, but Carrillo still comes off as missing something. He would benefit a lot from having a video package covering his life -- because they have time filler built in between matches and it would be better to try and get acts over instead of having generic interviews.

Gulak and Gallagher sucked up to Carrillo after his win. 

Mike and Maria Kanellis were interviewed and were asked if it was smart to ask for a match against a high-level competitor like Alexander. Maria said Mike has been in the business for 16 years and been successful all over the world -- he doesn't take the easy way out. Tonight, Mike will prove that he's the most dangerous man on the show.

Ariya Daivari entered and said we'll see the beginning of the Daivari destruction of the division. He insulted the fans as his opponent Johnny Lions looked on confused. Lions looked to be in great shape and is a memorable-looking jobber for this show.

Ariya Daivari defeated Johnny Lions

Lions hit a big dropkick to the chest but ate the Rainmaker. Daivari locked on a Cobra Clutch with a bodyscissors and got the submission win.

This was short and sweet, and if Daivari keeps using this hold, he has a chance to get another submission over in WWE. Nigel McGuinness made a great point about keeping the Million Dollar Dream name with his wealth and wanting to make his dreams a reality.

Buddy Murphy said Maverick has a hard job attempting to find challengers that can try and defeat the most dominant champion in the history of the title. He has beaten everyone, including the man who took out the King of the Cruiserweights, and he likes the idea of a tournament to determine who faces the very best.

Mike and Maria came down to no reaction. Alexander with his new, super colorful gear got a nice response.

Cedric Alexander defeated Mike Kanellis

Mike bullied him in the corner for a bit before a long headlock. The long grounded headlock from Mike led to Alexander working over the arm a bit. Alexander got a snap headscissors and a big dropkick. He landed a forearm on the apron and wanted the slingshot flatliner but ate a big punch from Mike instead.

Mike draped Alexander over the apron and slammed his elbow into the jaw. Alexander got a victory roll for two. Mike locked on a chinlock as McGuinness said this is the match that could make him a legend -- good message, maybe poorly-timed there.

Alexander escaped and hit a variety of chops and kicks to take Mike down. Alexander connected with the Neuralyzer springboard kick and Mike went to the corner. Alexander went up top, did the springboard clothesline in such a way to make sure it couldn't possibly hit, and played up a knee injury.

Mike went to attack the knee and wanted a figure four, but he got cradled for two. Alexander landed a superkick to give himself a breather. Alexander wanted the Lumbar Check, but his knee gave out.

Alexander wanted the Neuralyzer, but he ate a superkick to the neck. Alexander got two off a backslide and Michinoku driver. They fought on the apron and knocked each other to the floor with dueling big boots. Mike hit a spinebuster on the ramp and the referee checked on Alexander.

Alexander nearly got counted out, but he came in at 9.5. He ate some PRIDE stomps in the ropes before Mike locked on an elevated Boston crab. Alexander escaped and sent Mike out for a flip dive.

Mike hit a superkick and seemingly won with a Cross Rhodes, but the ref missed Alexander's shoulder being up at 2.9. Mike got 2.9 off a weird cradle, but Alexander hit the Lumbar Check to win.

Maverick announced that the tournament for a Cruiserweight title shot at WrestleMania will begin next week with Kalisto vs. Tony Nese and Brian Kendrick vs. Gulak in first round matches.