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WWE 205 Live results: Alexander vs. Nese, Murphy vs. Metalik

Drake Maverick ran down tonight's card, which features Buddy Murphy facing Gran Metalik and Cedric Alexander taking on Tony Nese. A sepia-toned video attempted to make this feel like a throwback to the early days of 205 Live.

Murphy vs. Noam Dar had originally been announced for this week, but Maverick said Dar wasn't cleared to compete.

Murphy came down before Gran Metalik, with the rest of the Lucha House Party accompanying Metalik to ringside.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy defeated Gran Metalik in a non-title match

Murphy pie-faced Metalik to start things off before some back-and-forth grappling mid-ring. Murphy worked over the arm for a while before Metalik recovered. Metalik sent him to the floor and hit a big flip dive before landing a barricade-walk rana on the floor.

Murphy went for a superplex and Metalik countered into a dive, but Metalik ate a running brainbuster after being caught. Murphy worked away with a neck lock for a while. Metalik stood up and ate a boot in the corner after charging in.

Metalik landed an apron high kick and a springboard crossbody for two. He then hit a gorgeous back handspring elbow for two. In an outstanding near fall, Metalik landed a tilt-a-whirl version of the Metalik Driver. Metalik charged on the floor and ate the announce table before Murphy hit a back suplex on the apron -- which rumor has it may be the hardest part of the ring -- for two.

Murphy avoided a moonsault with a knee and landed a Dr. Wily Bomb for two. Metalik avoided Murphy's Law with a victory roll for two, but Murphy landed Murphy's Law after a pumphandle for the win. This was outstanding and one of Murphy's best matches on the show.

The issues between Drew Gulak and Brian Kendrick were shown, with Jack Gallagher's beating of Kendrick being recapped. Maverick told Kendrick that he's giving him a tag team street fight with Akira Tozawa against Gulak & Gallagher next week. Tozawa offered to give Kendrick a makeover.

Gallagher said that next week, the street fight will end Kendrick's career. Gulak mocked Kendrick for being fired a lot from WWE before and Gallagher said they haven't gone far enough.

Lio Rush returns next week.

Ariya Daivari's thorough beating of a jobber last week was recapped. Kayla Braxton talked to Daivari about his series of beatings against enhancement wrestlers. Hideo Itami asked to shake hands with Daivari, who now officially respects him.

Cedric Alexander defeated Tony Nese

Alexander overpowered Nese in the corner and posed. Alexander worked him over on the mat before being kicked off. He got a back-rolling headscissors before Nese cartwheeled out of that to avoid damage. Alexander went for a flip up to the top rope, but he ate a big uppercut and took a nasty bump on the buckle.

Nese landed a double-jump moonsault to the gut for two and locked on a long bodyscissors. Alexander escaped and landed a slingshot flatliner. He dropkicked Nese into the corner and penalty kicked him in the buckle.

Alexander worked the tights of Nese for a while for some reason before eating a giant body block for two. Alexander landed the spinning back elbow and went for the Neuralyzer kick, but Nese caught him and hit what was supposed to be a Samoan drop but wound up being a gutbuster of sorts.

Nese landed a Fosbury Flop on the floor. He missed a 450 and Alexander hit a snap Michinoku driver for two. Alexander landed the Neuralyzer and then the Lumbar Check for the win. Both Murphy and Alexander won ahead of TLC, and the usual booking of having the person with the most on-paper momentum being doomed at the pay-per-view is a non-issue. This was one of the best matches of Nese's WWE run.

Murphy ran down to brawl with Alexander and ate a flip dive.