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WWE 205 Live results: Ali vs. Murphy, Gulak vs. Andrews

Cedric Alexander vs. TJP and Roderick Strong vs. Kalisto from last week were recapped, with Alexander and Strong advancing. Tonight sees Mustafa Ali face Buddy Murphy, while Mark Andrews takes on Drew Gulak.

Andrews came out dancing to his theme song. Backstage, Gulak was interviewed by Dasha Fuentes and said that he would prepare a PowerPoint -- but he hasn't even opened Office in weeks due to this tournament and he wants to make his WrestleMania moment come true.

Nigel McGuinness pointed out how Gulak was willing to beat his own friend up, and there's no telling what he'll do to Andrews.

Drew Gulak defeated Mark Andrews in a Cruiserweight Championship tournament quarterfinal match

Gulak bullied Andrews around a bit and hit a big overhand chop in the corner. Gulak elbowed him and locked on a headlock before Andrews took him down with a side headlock. Gulak reversed a Code Red into a facebuster and hit a big elbow smash before slamming him into the ropes.

Gulak dominated with a grounded hammerlock, then Andrews sent him out with a rana. Gulak pulled him outside but ate a moonsault off the announce table. Andrews sent him down and hit a corkscrew splash for two.

Andrews hit some running kicks before Gulak used a bridge for two. Gulak laid into him with a big chop, so they fought back and forth before Gulak nearly got disqualified for beating him in the corner. Andrews slapped and chopped away before hitting a rana off the second rope onto Gulak on the apron to the floor.

Andrews hit a second moonsault, now off the second rope to the floor, and Gulak ate a crucifix driver for two. Gulak grabbed Andrews' beard, but he got laid out enough for Andrews to go up top for a big lariat. Gulak landed a series of lariats, but Andrews hit the Stundog Millionaire. He went for a Shooting Star Press, but Gulak got his knees up.

Gulak locked on the dragon sleeper and won by submission, but he did risk a post-match DQ by holding the move on too long.

Drake Maverick met with Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa about how they were eliminated from the title tournament early, so he will put them in a tag team match tonight. A loud "jobber" chant broke out and Tozawa told Maverick that if this plan fails, he's fired.

Mustafa Ali cut a promo outside at night with a camera that needed to be better in low light. He said that the toughest fighters fight for others and not themselves -- and with him fighting for his daughter, this is a great little story. He cut easily the best promo of his WWE career here and came off like a real person instead of a character.

Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa defeated Scott James & Nemet Alexander

Tozawa reversed a sunset flip from Alexander and landed a snapping kick. Alexander elbowed him in the corner, but he ate a charge from both Tozawa and Itami. Itami hit a release fisherman's suplex and landed a series of kicks to James. The KENTA combo hit and Alexander ate a dropkick from Tozawa.

They double teamed James -- and Tozawa beat him with the senton off the top.

We got a training montage of Strong at the Performance Center. Cedric Alexander cut a promo facing a camera saying that he's one match away from WrestleMania.

Ali entered before Murphy, who got no reaction.

Mustafa Ali defeated Buddy Murphy in a Cruiserweight Championship tournament quarterfinal match

Ali took a shoulder block, then bounced off the ropes into a headlock. Murphy shushed so he can stay the best kept secret and ate a dropkick. Murphy stomped a mudhole in Ali. Ali landed a 450 to the arm and hit a wacky tilt-a-whirl armbar before landing a pop-up dropkick and a spike X-Factor.

Murphy caught Ali off a tornado DDT and tossed him to the floor before landing a flip dive. He landed a pair of shotgun knees off the top for two. Ali shoved him into the buckle and hit a rewind rana.

Murphy connected with a series of kicks before eating a spin kick. Murphy got two off a backslide, but Ali cradled him to win it.