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WWE 205 Live results: Anything Goes match

Oney Lorcan started the episode with a very monotone speech about being able to use chairs and tables in his Anything Goes match against Ariya Daivari tonight, or even give Daivari more stitches if he wants.

Daivari disagreed and brawled with Lorcan to start the show while Drake Maverick yelled at security to keep them apart.

Nigel McGuinness hyped up a video piece on Drew Gulak and Tony Nese before Brian Kendrick came down and we got a run through of Kendrick being insulted by The Singh Brothers on a WWE.com video. They offered him a fake award and he demanded a match.

McGuinness said that Drake Maverick is the 23/7 Champion since he is immune from defending it during the one hour 205 Live is on the air.

Brian Kendrick defeated Sunil Singh

Sunil tried to teach Kendrick how to do their dance, then Kendrick took him down and danced anyway. Kendrick dropped him with a dropkick before Samir Singh distracted Kendrick and Sunil tossed him into the steps. That got two and then Sunil locked on a chinlock.

Kendrick's Sliced Bread was avoided. Sunil went for a back suplex, but Kendrick turned it into a chinlock suplex and a Captain's Hook for a quick tap.

The Singhs jumped Kendrick after the match, with Akira Tozawa coming out to make the save.

Aiden English hyped up the first of a three-part series with Humberto Carrillo. They did finally give him a bit of a backstory, saying he loved watching wrestling with his family and now it's harder for him because he has no family with him. Well, that ate up about a minute of TV time, so they did something to help him, but it felt like even as a part one, it was missing something.

Jack Gallagher defeated Devin Justin

Gallagher bended the fingers of his opponent. The double armbar back bridge got one and Gallagher hit a nice, snug boot to the head. He tied Justin up in the ropes and hesitation dropkicked him free.

Gallagher got a long delayed suplex. As he went for a dropkick, Mike Kanellis ran down and threw paper around. Mike got a "who's your daddy" chant and Drake Maverick came out and sent officials to stop Mike.

Justin got a schoolboy for two, but he lost to Gallagher's headbutt. Gallagher comes off as such a badass when he's given a chance to shine -- it's a shame those moments are few and far between.

Maverick talked to Mike and apologized to him and the rest of the roster for being distracted by the 24/7 title. Maverick said he's neglected them and his wife -- and he knows that Mike has issues at home too, but he can't take things out on people here.

Mike blamed Maverick for his life being in shambles. Maverick said he sympathizes with him, but he has to fine him. Mike said that of course he'd do that when Mike has another mouth to feed -- so he's another wrestler who would be broke without WWE.

Oney Lorcan defeated Ariya Daivari in an Anything Goes match

Daivari brawled with Lorcan the second he came down the aisle. Lorcan slammed him into the steps. Lorcan grabbed some chairs and tossed them into the ring while McGuinness talked about the history of chairs with their feud -- which was great since this isn't exactly the most memorable rivalry ever.

Daivari grabbed a chair and tossed it outside before eating a suplex on the floor. Lorcan got tossed into the barricade, then Daivari set up a ladder near the announcers before raking a chain over Lorcan's face.

The ladder was set up in the corner and Daivari got whipped into it. Lorcan hiptossed Daivari right into the ladder and he slid down it for two -- that was nasty. Lorcan wanted the half-and-half suplex, but Daivari evaded it and hit a reverse DDT for two.

Daivari smacked Lorcan's face into the chair before getting a Camel Clutch with the chair. Lorcan escaped and landed Raven's drop toehold on the chair. Lorcan hit a blockbuster and a running uppercut before hitting a crazy flip dive after gyrating around in a silly manner.

The crowd chanted for tables and Lorcan looked to oblige and got a huge reaction for it. Daivari went for a dive on the floor and ate a trash can to the head and gut. Lorcan grabbed more chairs and tossed them on Daivari before setting up a six-chair bridge.

Daivari clocked Lorcan with a trash can lid and avoided a superbomb off the steps into the chair bridge by turning it into a backdrop through the chairs. In the ring, Daivari hit a splash off the ladder ala Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X, but it only got two. It's a shame -- it was a gorgeous splash.

Daivari went to set up a table, but broke it, so he grabbed a second to add to his existing table near the corner. Daivari went up for a splash, but he ate a superplex through the tables and Lorcan got the win.

This was very similar to the usual modern plunder brawl, but with more inventive spots. It was also greatly helped by McGuinness telling the story of their rivalry -- making the chair use in particular more meaningful.

After that epic battle, we got a long recap of Gulak blaming Nese for 205 Live not getting better because he wasn't strong enough to do it. Nese framed everything as Gulak becoming mad with power, while Gulak said that Nese cared more about his eight abs than winning and getting to the top.

Nese said that he knew if he was ever going to get to the top, he had to beat Drew Gulak. Gulak said that before WrestleMania, Nese was better than him -- but only for three seconds. Gulak noted that Nese's win robbed him of his WrestleMania moment and he realized that he had to help himself and train harder than ever.

Gulak said he had to go back to his roots and torture people, and in doing so, he made things better by making himself better. This was outstanding and capped off a tremendous hour of TV overall.