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WWE 205 Live results: Buddy Murphy faces Kalisto

Drake Maverick hyped up tonight's show with Brian Kendrick vs. Akira Tozawa as the opener and Buddy Murphy vs. Kalisto in the main event. A recap of Murphy vs. Kalisto from April showed just how good both men are, then Murphy and Kalisto costing each other matches recently was shown.

Kendrick and Jack Gallagher came out and ran down Toronto before insulting Tozawa to deafening silence. Tozawa came out and couldn't even get a reaction after that.

Akira Tozawa defeated Brian Kendrick (w/ Jack Gallagher)

Kendrick stalled, but Tozawa jabbed him down and then knocked out Gallagher. He fell like a tree, which woke the crowd up. Tozawa attacked in the corner and Gallagher subtly tripped him before Kendrick forearmed Tozawa to the floor.

Kendrick crossfaced away at him before getting a sleeper that Tozawa escaped, hitting a rana and a shining wizard. A suicide dive then hit for Tozawa. Tozawa slammed Kendrick's knee into the post and landed a missile dropkick. Tozawa snapped the knee with a dragon screw and a windmill kick hit before the senton off the top ended it.

The Lucha House Party's win from last week was shown before Murphy and Tony Nese were interviewed. They swore vengeance on Kalisto tonight.

Hideo Itami came out to face Michael Blaise. Itami cut a Twitter promo about feeling bad about not hurting Mustafa Ali worse in their last match.

Hideo Itami went to a no contest with Michael Blaise

Itami rushed Blaise at the start. Nigel McGuinness talked about how Itami was in the main event scene in Japan and how that didn't transfer over in WWE. Percy Watson talked about Itami being a shell of his former self, while Vic Joseph mentioned Hulk Hogan hyping Itami up when he signed. McGuinness said that Itami now cares about the fans, but all he cared about before was hurting his opponent.

Itami kicked away while McGuinness talked about him training under Kenta Kobashi. A falcon arrow hit for two, but Itami pulled Blaise up to hit the facebuster. Itami then picked him up at 2.9 so he could set up the hesitation dropkick. He hit it twice and wanted another knockout win, but Ali came down and chased Itami out of the ring.

Drew Gulak, Kendrick, and Gallagher's beating of Tozawa and Colin Delaney last week was shown.

Cedric Alexander cut an overly-lit promo about Gulak attacking him from behind and showing that he's just a spineless hypocrite. However, he will give Gulak a chance to make it right next week and he'll call him out then.

Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik chopped away at Kalisto to fire him up to face Murphy.

Buddy Murphy (w/ Tony Nese) defeated Kalisto (w/ Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik)

Murphy bullied him around a bit to start things off. They fought up top, with Kalisto hitting a super rana. Kalisto hit a flip dive onto Murphy and Nese. Everyone came into the ring, and Murphy jumped Kalisto. Kalisto hit an apron PK, then Murphy hit a running suplex on the floor.

Murphy shoved Dorado, Dorado shoved back, and another argument broke out. The referee ejected Dorado and Metalik. Kalisto got a couple of sleeper holds before Murphy held on and landed a Kamigoye. Kalisto hit a baseball slide and went for a dive, but Nese grabbed his ankle and got ejected.

Kalisto went for a blockbuster, but Murphy caught him. Kalisto escaped and hit a rewind rana and a basement rana for 2.9! Murphy lawndarted him, but Kalisto hit a desperation superkick for two. They fought on the apron, with Murphy shoving him off the apron into the announce table. They fought near the timekeeper's area and Kalisto monkey flipped him into the pit area. Murphy beat the count in and ate a draping spike rana for two.

Murphy powerbombed Kalisto down for two and got a "205" chant. The Listo kick hit, but Murphy connected with a jumping knee and hit Murphy's Law to end a strong main event.