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WWE 205 Live results: Buddy Murphy returns, Gulak vs. Kalisto

To start things off, Cedric Alexander vs. Kalisto from the Greatest Royal Rumble was recapped and they showcased the crazy Lumbar Check finish where Alexander countered the Salida Del Sol to retain.

Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, and Percy Watson talked about Buddy Murphy failing to make weight and missing his title shot as a result. Murphy has made weight here and returns tonight. Drew Gulak also faces Kalisto.

Akira Tozawa & Hideo Itami were out to face Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher. Kendrick and Gallagher shook hands, and Watson wondered if Kendrick was serious about not taking things too far with Itami after Kendrick was taken out by him.

Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher defeated Akira Tozawa & Hideo Itami

Gallagher and Tozawa began with chops and slaps before a jab took Gallagher down in the corner and Tozawa stomped away. A quick penalty kick and a senton hit for Tozawa. Gallagher sent him into Itami, leading to Kendrick coming in to square off.

They wrestled on the mat for a bit before Itami forearmed his face and they went back and forth. Kendrick won that and landed a series of hard chops to the chest before punting him, but Itami hit a dragon screw and tagged Tozawa in. Double corner kicks landed on Kendrick and Tozawa got two off a missile dropkick. Gallagher took Tozawa down on the floor and tagged in.

Kendrick tagged back in to rake Tozawa's face with a forearm on the mat. Itami then came in and attacked Kendrick's face and landed a diving clothesline off the top for two. Itami hit a running big boot before Tozawa tagged in and hit a suicide dive to the floor.

Tozawa locked on an octopus hold, but Gallagher saved Kendrick and tagged back in. Gallagher and Kendrick set up a double team, but Tozawa countered it and hit a windmill kick. Kendrick prevented a senton by taking out Itami after he was knocked into the ropes, leading to a headbutt finish for Gallagher. Itami shoved down Tozawa before fans chanted " no respect."

Murphy's heel turn was shown and he'll wrestle next.

Gulak said that Kalisto was lucky to beat him with flipping and flopping last week, but it won't work tonight. Tonight, Gulak will beat him with his ground game and he will tap him out. This current Drew Gulak is a tale of two cities -- part PowerPoint goofball, part politician, and part Wrestling Machine -- it's weird.

Murphy entered to no reaction. Drake Maverick was with him in a wacky pinkish-purple suit, and Murphy weighed in at 204 pounds and demanded a title match.

Buddy Murphy defeated Liam Louie

A "let's go jobber" chant broke out and Murphy snapmared Louie down hard before stomping away at him in the ropes. Murphy hit a nasty powerbomb before landing two of them and keeping him down for a 2.9 count, then letting his shoulder go up. The referee stopped the match, so Murphy won by ref stoppage -- it's a bit odd to have a stoppage for Buddy Murphy of all people, but it does give him a bit of an edge.

Alexander came out to brawl with Murphy.

Kalisto worked out while Lince Dorado chopped his chest. Next week, Dorado & Gran Metalik face Kendrick & Gallagher.

Alexander was asked what happened, and he said this was his way to make a statement to Murphy.

Drew Gulak defeated Kalisto

Gulak took Kalisto down and slapped his head before cradling him for two. Gulak worked on his arm for a while, then landed a great-looking punch to the gut and got an elevated single-leg crab. Kalisto escaped and used a running rana that sent Gulak outside.

Kalisto dove onto him and injured his own knee in the process, so Gulak ran him into the LED board. Gulak hit an over-the-shoulder backbreaker, turned it into a squatting Gori Special for two, and then locked on a painful-looking modified Boston crab. Mustafa Ali vs. Murphy was announced for next week as Kalisto got the rope.

Gulak locked on a bow and arrow before stomping on Kalisto's head and getting a torture half-crab on. Kalisto escaped and kicked Gulak's leg to get some hope, but he ate a big forearm for two. Gulak worked on his mask and got counted down by the referee, but Kalisto sent him outside and started running wild with kicks and a springboard dropkick.

Kalisto dove off the apron and landed a rana. He got two off a crossbody and did a quick-stopping somersault dive to the floor. They traded sunset flips for two before Gulak got the Gu-Lock and won it by submission.

Metalik and Dorado came in and, while Gulak looked on, he let them help Kalisto and will destroy them another day.