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WWE 205 Live results: Buddy Murphy vs. Kalisto

Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa cut a promo on Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik about their tag match tonight. Buddy Murphy will also face Kalisto.

Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph ran down tonight's card and hyped up WrestleMania, then Itami and Tozawa came out to face Metalik and Dorado.

Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa went to a no contest with Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado

Itami smacked Metalik around before kicking him on the mat. Metalik hit a superkick and a rope-walk dropkick for two, then he and Dorado landed some double-team offense for two. Itami suplexed Metalik down before bringing Tozawa in to chop away at him. Itami came in and hit a knee to Metalik's gut before doing the "lucha, lucha" bit and slapping the taste out of Metalik's mouth.

Metalik responded with a dropkick and tagged in Dorado. He slapped away and hit a spinning heel kick. Itami went for the KENTA combo, but Dorado got the Golden Rewind. Dorado went for a dive and evaded Tozawa to do it, but Tozawa dove on him on the floor with a tope before Metalik hit a corkscrew tope on the pile.

Metalik went for the Metalik Driver before Itami went for his mask and Dorado made a save. It turned into a melee and the referee called the match off.

Drew Gulak was backstage and talked about how his match with Mark Andrews had been postponed at his own request. He wants Andrews to be at 100 percent next week and healed up from his match with Tony Nese, because he doesn't want Andrews to have any excuses.

Gulak planned a PowerPoint presentation to show why he needed to hold his dragon sleeper, the Gu-lock, on longer than needed -- but he opted for a single slide saying "Because I could" instead. He said he's the best submission specialist in WWE and can do that to anyone who steps to him.

Andrews cut a cell phone promo about how Gulak can't disrespect him again.

Nese worked out a bit before facing Jonathan Pierce.

Tony Nese defeated Jonathan Pierce

Nese hasn't been given many squashes to showcase himself, so this was a wise move for him as an act. He hit Pierce so hard that Pierce opted to leave for a minute before Nese put a stop to that. Nese punted him in the corner and sent him down gut-first into his knee before landing the Flying Nese in the corner to win it.

Murphy told Kalisto that he came to 205 Live to be champion -- and Kalisto stands in his way of that happening.

Buddy Murphy defeated Kalisto

Kalisto and Murphy exchanged quick matwork for fast one counts. Murphy worked on the fingers for a bit to get an advantage before things went to the floor and Kalisto got an edge by coming into the ring and quickly attacking. Kalisto did the "lucha, lucha" bit before Murphy just chucked him into the corner and worked on his ribs with an abdominal stretch.

Kalisto got a sleeper, but he was sent into the corner and went to the apron after a hard shot to the jaw. Kalisto hit a springboard seated senton and a tornado DDT for two. Murphy hit a crazy suplex onto the apron, with Kalisto sliding off after just barely hitting the apron and largely freefalling to the floor.

A replay showed that Kalisto's right shoulder and knee smacked the apron fairly hard, so maybe don't do that on TV. Murphy connected with forearms after a two count, but Kalisto hit a spinning heel kick to get a breather. He went for the springboard reverse rana and Murphy hit an electric chair. Kalisto got a flip dive, then the basement rana got two.

They fought to the floor and Murphy flipped Kalisto onto the announce table for a double countout tease, with Kalisto coming in at nine. Murphy hit a big combo, but he rushed into a corner kick. Kalisto leapt into him, but Murphy powerbombed him and folded him down for two before holding his arms and hitting Kota Ibushi's rising knee strike.

Kalisto landed the Listo kick and a Code Red for two. But Murphy turned the Salida del Sol into Murphy's Law to win a great, but dangerously sloppy match.

Drake Maverick talked about the changes to 205 Live and thanked the fans and the wrestlers in the Cruiserweight Championship tournament. He talked about the title match being on the pre-show. This week's episode ended with a video recap of Maverick being hired and the entire tournament, which really felt like something that should have been played before Drake's promo, but whatever.

This set the stage for WrestleMania quite nicely and made the Cruiserweight title match feel like something worth watching the show for.