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WWE 205 Live results: Buddy Murphy vs. Mark Andrews

Drake Maverick announced that Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy will defend his title against Mustafa Ali at Survivor Series.

On this week's episode, Mike Kanellis & TJP team up against the Lucha House Party. Murphy also faces Mark Andrews in a non-title main event.

TJP came out with all the masks he's collected, while Kanellis came out with Maria. Amusingly, Kanellis' Twitter graphic still uses his real name. Kalisto and Lince Dorado were out for the Lucha House Party. LHP cut a selfie promo with their pinata, who they kissed and named Penelope. Kalisto cradled it like a baby.

The Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Lince Dorado) defeated TJP & Mike Kanellis

Kalisto and TJP started things off, with Kalisto grounding him and spanking him. Kalisto landed a dropkick and hit a run-up splash off of Dorado. TJP hugged Kanellis for a tag, but Kanellis got clotheslined to the floor. LHP teased a dive but did a stereo bicep pose instead. All of these guys are shockingly great at comedy wrestling -- and Nigel McGuinness getting a big chant during all this was a bit surreal.

Dorado worked against Kanellis and headscissored him down before a dropkick, so TJP hit a lariat on Dorado on the apron to give his team the advantage for the first time. TJP trapped Dorado's leg and Kanellis came in to continue the attack. Kanellis hit a corner lariat before TJP came back in and got a chinlock. Dorado landed a triangle dropkick on Kanellis and tagged in Kalisto, who hit TJP with a springboard crossbody. The Listo kick hit, but TJP got a blind tag in to Kanellis.

Kanellis pulled Kalisto outside and hit a Russian leg sweep on the barricade. Kanellis went for a wheelbarrow reverse powerbomb, but Kalisto turned it into a DDT. Dorado and TJP came in, with Dorado kicking away before flapjacking Kanellis. Dorado landed a double handspring stunner on both heels, who bailed before eating a stereo moonsault from the LHP.

TJP got the kneebar on Dorado, but Kalisto splashed TJP for the save. Kalisto dove on Kanellis. TJP took Dorado's mask off, revealing a second one. A snap rana then won it for Dorado. This was a shockingly great match -- not a classic, but a lot of fun and a great example of mixing comedy in an otherwise serious match.

Cedric Alexander trained at the Performance Center with Steve Corino -- and Lio Rush said that Alexander has lost his confidence and is training with the rookies. Alexander told Rush to get in and train, but Rush said that Alexander needs a match with the man of the hour. Rush offered to stay before saying that he has better things to do.

Rush came out to destroy an enhancement wrestler.

Lio Rush defeated Josh Morrell

Rush talked smack, landed a big enzuigiri, and sent him into the barricade hard. I like that with him managing Lashley, Rush's aggression has increased -- which makes sense as Lashley should be making him more intense.

Rush cannonballed him and won with the Final Hour frog splash. The slow-mo replays of Rush remain some of the most impressive in the company -- Rush definitely has something that can propel him beyond the cruiserweight division

Rush dedicated the match to Alexander, a man who thinks he works hard, but no one works harder than Lio Rush and he'll make sure the age of Alexander meets its Final Hour next week. Rush is definitely beyond 205 Live now -- putting him in the Intercontinental title mix would be a lot of fun.

A Mark Andrews video package aired, calling him effervescent and amusingly zooming in on the "Mandrews" text on his tights.

 Mustafa Ali cut an awesome selfie promo on a street corner talking about how his quest for championship gold hasn't worked out yet -- but it will at Survivor Series.

Murphy entered to the ring and cut an inset promo about his dominance. Andrews came out and did his little dance, which was over a bit and fans replicated it.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy defeated Mark Andrews in a non-title match

Andrews and Murphy exchanged a lot of standing leg and arm holds. They had a standoff and Murphy tossed him into the corner. A running rana was caught by Murphy, who went for a powerbomb -- but Andrews got a sunset flip for two. That rana attempt didn't work for Andrews, but he landed one off a flip dive to the floor.

Andrews went for a corner charge, but Murphy evaded and started working him over with a hard elbow to the face. Murphy went to work on the mat before hoisting Andrews up to his neck for an electric chair, which Andrews turned into a stunning reverse rana that sent Murphy to the floor.

Andrews hit a suicide dive that sent Murphy over the announce table. They brawled on the floor before Andrews ran up the steps for a flip dive. Andrews hit a corner enzuigiri and then a superkick before going for a rana that Murphy turned into a powerbomb.

That got two, so Murphy kicked away a bit before eating a Stun Dog Millionaire! Andrews went up for the Shooting Star Press, but Murphy got his knees up before landing a running V-Trigger and a pumphandle variant of Murphy's Law. This was a really fun match and more physically impressive than the opener.