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WWE 205 Live results: Captain's Challenge match

In the opening video, Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak started the show off by talking about his partners and hyping them up. Oney Lorcan said that his team for the Captain's Challenge match brings a unique mix to the table.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English talked about the participants in tonight's feature match before a quick rundown of the rules. It's a 10-man tag with elimination rules, and it's a definite change in pace from the normal format of 205 Live.

Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo & Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Mike Kanellis, Angel Garza & Tony Nese in a Captain's Challenge match

A brawl broke out before the bell and the heels were sent out. Gallagher then led the other faces in an umbrella dive off the top to the floor. Lorcan wisely discarded his umbrella to land safely, while Tozawa grabbed his umbrella and posed afterwards.

Scott outworked Gulak a bit to start the match before Garza told Carrillo to trust him since they're cousins. Of course, Garza turned on Carrillo and the heels all stomped on him.

Kanellis took down Carrillo for two before he tagged Gulak in to run wild on Carrillo. Tozawa got tagged in and kicked Gulak before superkicking the heels into one another on the apron and cannonball diving onto Gulak on the floor. 

Maria looked on angrily from backstage as Mike Kanellis was locked in the Iron Octopus. Tozawa got sent into Gallagher and Kanellis pinned Tozawa after hitting Cross Rhodes.

Right after Kanellis eliminated Tozawa, Gallagher headbutted Kanellis and pinned him. An angry Maria was again shown.

Gallagher took down Nese. Nese sent him into the corner and Gallagher didn't just do a headstand -- he did one while riding an invisible bicycle. Gallagher dropkicked Nese in the corner and went for corner punches before Daivari sent Gallagher into the rope.

Nese told Daivari he didn't need the help. Gallagher sent Nese to the outside, but Daivari held the ropes open so Gallagher fell when he went for a dive. Nese then eliminated Gallagher after hitting a Sunset Driver.

Scott came in with Nese and hit a basement uppercut off the second rope for two. Nese tripped Scott on the rope, only for Scott to land a triangle dropkick on the back for two as Nese tried to baseball slide to the floor.

Garza came in and split leg-dropped Scott before slapping him around. In just his first 205 Live appearance, Garza comes across as such a cocky prick and it's great.

Backstage, Brian Kendrick blamed Gallagher for Tozawa being eliminated and Gallagher blamed Kendrick for his loss to Tozawa last week. Kendrick and Gallagher agreed to face each other next week.

Daivari stomped a mudhole in Scott before Gulak worked away on the mat. Scott and Garza went at it in one of the best exchanges on 205 Live in ages, with Garza landing a perfect superkick -- only to knock Swerve into the buckle, giving him enough room to wind up and hit a stunning discus lariat.

Garza tagged in Nese, who knocked Lorcan and Carrillo off the apron. Nese hit a corner German suplex on Scott, but Lorcan got a blind tag. The Corner Nese hit on Scott. Lorcan tried to take Nese down with a half-and-half suplex, which Nese flipped out of and got two off a double stomp.

Lorcan rolled through a Sunset Driver attempt for two. Nese unsuccessfully tried for the Sunset Driver again -- and Lorcan got a half-and-half suplex to eliminate him.

Lorcan tagged in Carrillo, who teamed up with Scott to double hip toss and superkick Garza. Scott double stomped Gulak off the apron before double stomping Daivari off the second rope and hitting another double stomp on Garza off the top for a near fall when Gulak broke up the pin.

Gulak and Scott went at it, with Gulak sending Scott throat-first into the top rope after interference from Daivari. Gulak then hit the Cyclone Crash to eliminate Scott.

Garza came in to battle Carrillo once again. Garza backdropped Carrillo on the apron and superkicked him down for two. 

Backstage, the Lucha House Party talked about Gran Metalik's attacker from last week and Kalisto blamed Daivari. Kalisto said he'll beat a confession out of Daivari next week.

The heels all worked over Carrillo, who got Lorcan in off a hot tag and Lorcan ran wild. Daivari and Garza ate a double blockbuster and Lorcan hit a flip dive onto Gulak. He tossed Gulak into the announcing area and knocked everyone down until Gulak hit Lorcan with a chair to take himself out of the match via DQ.

The referee didn't tell him to stop and -- since Gulak was already eliminated and didn't care -- he hit Lorcan some more with the chair.

Garza and Daivari took Carrillo down with a double-team Iconoclasm before Garza and Carrillo double-elbowed each other. Daivari and Lorcan tagged in.

Lorcan went for the half-and-half, but Daivari turned it into a Rainmaker that Lorcan turned into a schoolboy to eliminate Daivari.

Carrillo came in and cradled Garza for two. The Neuralyzer landed for Carrillo and also got two. Garza planted him off a crossbody, but only got two when the ref spotted Garza's feet on the rope.

Carrillo got two off a schoolboy. Garza hit a slingshot reverse suplex for two. Carrillo hit a hesitation dropkick off the top and then a twisting splash to eliminate Garza and give the win to the babyface team. Carrillo and Lorcan were the two survivors at the end of the match.

This was a fantastic match and it was structured pretty much perfectly. Garza and Scott were made to seem like the top rising stars on the show, and while they are trying with Carrillo, he came off like he'd be far better teaming with his arrogant cousin than feuding with him.

Garza got his personality over more in one night just by doing little things than has been seen on the main roster in ages.

The feud between Lorcan and Gulak may be the central focus, but matches like this help to make it seem like everything in the company is interconnected and important -- even if it's planting seeds for things down the line to be paid off later instead of immediately.