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WWE 205 Live results: Cedric Alexander faces Tony Nese

Enzo Amore and Cedric Alexander's title match from Raw ending in a countout was recapped and really made Alexander out to be the man in the division.

The filters placed on the footage covered up most of Amore's blood, but they really did make Alexander's dive onto Amore's leg seem bigger than it was. The story of Alexander being the better man and Amore being lucky to hang onto the title was told perfectly. Alexander faces Tony Nese tonight.

TJP started the episode off with a rematch against Gran Metalik. Before the show, Kalisto hyped up Metalik until TJP insulted him backstage.

Gran Metalik defeated TJP

Metalik started off with rope flips before getting a quick two off a cradle. Metalik flipped out of a headscissors for a snap dropkick. Kalisto "looked on" via a television screen backstage. Metalik went up top and got crotched before he was stomped in a tree of woe and TJP hit a hesitation dropkick.

TJP hit a springboard forearm for two. He pushed his boot in Metalik's face on the mat and set him up for a superplex, but Metalik countered and climbed on the post to do a big sunset bomb. TJP landed the double knee gutbuster for two. Metalik recovered and sent him down for a ropewalk elbow before winning with the Metalik Driver.

Kalisto came down to celebrate with Metalik. TJP threw a tantrum and struggled to destroy the announce table and threw some papers around.

We got a replay of the hilarious Nia Jax and Enzo Amore skit from last night. We saw Amore getting stitched up in graphic fashion before Dasha Fuentes asked him how he's feeling. He said his ankle is feeble and his eye scar will last forever. However, he's going to get a tramp stamp of the Ford logo because he's built Ford tough.

Tony Nese asked Amore to get back on the Zo Train, and after hearing his promo, I hope Amore lets him back on so someone else can talk for him.

Jack Gallagher entered and we were shown footage of Hideo Itami destroying Brian Kendrick's face. We also got still shots of Gallagher beating Itami with a lead pipe last week. Gallagher said that Itami won't be here tonight, but when he does return, he'll be able to truly break him. Itami then came down and Gallagher looked scared half to death.

Itami had no bandages or anything -- so he can be beaten with a pipe for minutes on end and be just fine. They brawled and Gallagher went for the umbrella, but Itami grabbed it and Gallagher scurried away to avoid the shot.

Alexander was asked if he was disappointed with the result of Monday night's match. He said he's not disappointed -- he's motivated and he'll get his rematch and make his dream come true then. Goldust praised him for his interview and told him to be careful with Nese tonight because he's in Amore's back pocket. Goldust warned him that Amore will be out there, but Alexander said he'll give him a second bad ankle if he comes out.

Amore walked out with a boot on his ankle and cut his usual promo. 

Cedric Alexander defeated Tony Nese

Nese posed and they brawled outside, then Nese sent Alexander in and cranked on his neck. Nese stomped away on him in the corner, but Alexander hit an elbow strike and a big corner kick. A slingshot flatliner hit for Alexander, who also landed his big flip dive. He got two off a springboard lariat, but Nese recovered a bit with a stun gun.

Nese landed a pair of knees, but Alexander caught his leg on the third and hit a spinning back elbow for two. Nese went for a pumphandle suplex, but Alexander landed on the mat and lulled him into a small package to win it.

Alexander danced for a bit before landing a Lumbar Check on Amore.