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WWE 205 Live results: Cedric Alexander vs. Jack Gallagher

Drake Maverick's show-opening video hyped up Lio Rush vs. Akira Tozawa as the opener. We saw their history, and Maverick said that he granted Tozawa his request for a rematch because he earned it -- and to see if Rush can back up his talk.

In the main event, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander faces Jack Gallagher in a non-title match -- with Drew Gulak and Brian Kendrick barred from ringside.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson were excited about Alexander and Gulak's title match on the SummerSlam pre-show, but McGuinness stressed the importance of tonight's match due to how dangerous Gallagher is.

Rush said that the fans may be stuck in their state, but they get a chance to see the 23-year-old piece of gold and it's time for Lio-5 Live.

Lio Rush defeated Akira Tozawa

Rush stalled for as long as he could to take off his jewelry, but Tozawa jumped him. Rush ran around the ring before eating a rana. Rush tossed a bracelet in the air to distract Tozawa, but Tozawa caught it and Rush ate a tornado kick. Tozawa teased a dive, but Rush darted away.

Rush saved himself with a handspring kick to get a bit of offense in for the first time, but Tozawa jabbed him on the floor. Tozawa got two off a missile dropkick from the top. Rush sent him shoulder-first into the post and hit a back suplex for two. Tozawa hit a PK and went for a senton, but Rush got his knees up. Tozawa hit a kick and then a tope suicida to the floor.

Tozawa got the spinning octopus stretch, but Rush turned it into a cradle for two. Tozawa went for a superplex, but Rush held on and tripped him up, resulting in a bonk to the head before the Final Hour frog splash won it for Rush.

Joseph hyped Gulak up, and Gulak said he has leadership and he'll dismantle Alexander at SummerSlam. Gulak training at the Performance Center was shown, and he said he'll set the example for his generation and many generations to come.

Backstage, Gallagher practiced elbow strikes with Gulak. Gallagher comes off as such a badass.

Hideo Itami's dropkicks to Mustafa Ali from last week were shown, with McGuinness saying that these should have given Itami the respect he wants. Joseph threw it to Kayla Braxton backstage. Maverick said that Ali has been diagnosed with severe exhaustion -- and Maverick said he takes some of the blame for letting Ali push himself. For his own good, Ali will not be on 205 Live until he is 100 percent healthy.

Itami came down and we got a selfie promo of him speaking in Japanese. Itami then said he stopped the heart of 205 Live.

Hideo Itami defeated Trent Newman

Newman took a beating in the corner with a series of kicks. Newman elbowed Itami and went for a cradle, but Itami slapped him for daring to pin him. Itami landed a Falcon Arrow, but he let Newman up at two. He kicked Newman more before knocking him out with a pair of hesitation dropkicks in the corner.

Itami went for a third, but the referee got between them and stopped the match. Itami picked Newman up and did his goofy inverted DDT-to-knee facebuster thing that needs a name.

Alexander was shown working out at the Performance Center and put over Gulak as dangerous and himself as having a soul that bleeds 205 Live. Alexander had an air of arrogance to him here. He would make a solid heel with stuff like this, but he's nowhere near as good of a heel as he would be a face -- nor could he top Gulak as a heel.

Maverick congratulated Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy for their win last week, but the illegal man allowed the fall to happen -- so next week, a tornado tag team match will happen between them and the Lucha House Party. Noam Dar will also face TJP.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander defeated Jack Gallagher in a non-title match

Alexander came out with Joseph talking about how he's been unbeaten all year. Gallagher stalled in the corner for a bit and did it again to further control him. They traded cradles for one before Gallagher went under the ring and blindsided Alexander with a lariat for two.

Gallagher tossed Alexander spine-first into the post and twisted his neck mid-ring. Alexander went for a slam, but Gallagher held on and kept the grip on his neck with a modified cravate on the mat. Alexander got an inverted atomic drop and a big suplex, then another, and then a third amigo was countered -- but Alexander caught Gallagher's foot and hit the back elbow and the Neuralyzer for two.

Alexander hit the springboard lariat for a near fall. Gallagher caught Alexander with a back elbow and landed a knee to the back of the neck for a near fall of his own. Gallagher locked on a crossface, but Alexander got a cradle for two. Alexander landed a big chop and a back elbow. He went for the Lumbar Check, Gallagher turned it into a guillotine choke, and Alexander turned that into a Falcon Arrow.

Alexander springboarded and went to another corner before eating a corner dropkick for a near fall! Gallagher hit a deadlift powerbomb for two. Gallagher rushed in, but he ate a Spanish Fly from Alexander that ended it. Gallagher looked on disgusted after losing.

After the match, Kendrick attacked Alexander on the entranceway. Alexander recovered enough in the ring to fight back against Gallagher. Alexander hit the Lumbar Check on Kendrick, but Gulak appeared and put Alexander in the Gu-Lock ahead of their match at SummerSlam.