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WWE 205 Live results: Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali

Daniel Bryan began the episode by addressing Enzo Amore's release, saying that Amore has given up the Cruiserweight Championship and is gone from the show.

Bryan said he was proud of his work on the Cruiserweight Classic and sees a lot of untapped potential in the roster -- and next week, a general manager for 205 Live will be named and they will address the title situation. Bryan said he's sure it will be someone who will give 205 Live the direction it needs to give everyone the exciting in-ring action they deserve.

Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph talked about tonight's show,. Cedric Alexander faces Mustafa Ali, Hideo Itami takes on Jack Gallagher, and six-man tag action starts things off.

Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado defeated TJP, Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese

TJP and Dorado began with a headlock, then a headscissors spin on the mat got a one count for TJP. Dorado stopped him with a dab and hit a rana before getting two off a moonsault. Nese came in and got taken down before Metalik tagged in and hit a crazy-fast handspring arm drag.

A rope-walk dropkick got two. Kalisto and Daivari came in, and a springboard senton by Kalisto got two again. Daivari took advantage of a distraction and sent Kalisto over the top to the floor. 

TJP came in and choked Kalisto. Kalisto tried a schoolboy and Daivari entered and charged into an elbow. Dorado and TJP were in the ring, with Dorado hitting a springboard crossbody. Daivari and Dorado hit double dropkicks. Dorado missed a Shooting Star Press, but he hit a handspring stunner on TJP to win it.

TJP moaned to his partners before Nese shoved him down.

Drew Gulak was in front of a green screen and talked about his vision for 205 Live. He wants a GM who will turn it into a Drewtopia.

Gallagher entered to face Itami. Itami said he respects Kendrick -- but not Gallagher.

Hideo Itami defeated Jack Gallagher

Itami jumped Gallagher and hit knees in the gut before kicking his back. Itami beat him up some more, then Gallagher went under the ring to sneakily attack Itami. Gallagher cranked on Itami's bad arm and the fans chanted "boring," so he worked on it more and turned an arm lock into a cradle for two.

Itami hit a release fisherman suplex and a corner knee before landing a diving lariat for two. Itami trapped Gallagher in the corner and hit a hesitation dropkick before a dragon sleeper into a face-first knee strike ended it.

Akira Tozawa said he should be the GM and told someone they're fired in his Vince McMahon voice.

Alexander cut a promo and vowed to be champion in 2018.

Cedric Alexander defeated Mustafa Ali

Ali went for a rana, but Alexander flipped out of it. Alexander hit a dropkick for two. They went back and forth with armbars. Alexander landed a nasty shot on Ali on the floor. He chopped away in the corner but charged into a high kick from Ali

A flying X-Factor got two for Ali. He went for a tornado DDT, Alexander caught him, and Ali jumps out. A dropkick to the knee sent Ali into the buckle and Alexander landed the springboard flatliner for two. Ali and Alexander got into a slap fight before Alexander elbowed him, but Ali hit a spin kick.

The C4 hit for Alexander, but he couldn't capitalize on it. Ali hit a satellite DDT for a really close near fall. The 054 missed, Alexander hit the Neuralizer, and Alexander landed the Lumbar Check for the win. This was outstanding and had the largely-dead crowd chanting for it by the time it ended.